Flora June Blair’s Baby Portraits

Two weeks ago, between photoshoots in New York and Australia, Wendy from Blue Lily flew in from California for a photoshoot with June.

Wendy is all about color. And I’m a color addict too. So it was a good fit.

Wendy came in with armloads of props and equipment, assessed the light in the house and got right to work. She picked up June and rocked her to sleep. She kept a white-noise app at the ready in case the baby woke. She was super speedy. And clearly a master.

We have never had newborn portraits taken before so I was fascinated with the process. Plus Wendy herself is super-interesting so I kept chatting her up. Finally, I had to hole-up in the office because I was afraid of distracting her while she worked.

While I was keeping busy in the office, Wendy finished up the backdrop shots and tried snapping June in various colorful places around the house. She kept these shots a surprise and it was so fun to see them when she sent the finished photos. This bookshelf shot is terrific.

What do you think about this image? June is so embryo-like. And that bowl was a gift from Ben Blair. It’s my favorite bowl.

Just as Wendy finished clearing up all the photo-shoot-accessories-and-equipment, the rest of my kids came home from their various schools. Although it was really just a Baby June shoot, Wendy graciously snapped some photos of all the kids together at my request. The all-kid shots are so full of energy. Ben Blair and I can’t stop grinning at them.

This last one is perfection — I think it totally captures the craziness-but-happiness that is our household:

What do you think? Will June survive this big family? Have you ever had a newborn photoshoot?

P.S. — If you’re hoping to have a newborn photo session, try to get it scheduled before the baby actually arrives. I hear the shots are best if taken within the first two weeks of the birth. And don’t worry if it seems too overwhelming to have a photographer at your house when the baby is so young. I was totally in my pjs during the whole shoot. Wendy didn’t mind at all.

165 thoughts on “Flora June Blair’s Baby Portraits”

  1. I don’t think she’ll just survive. I think she’ll thrive. Who wouldn’t?

    The bookshelf shot is perfect. And I love the bowl shot. But I think my faves are the one where she has her little mouth hanging open. How adorable is that?!?

    I wish we could have done newborn shoots. But at least I have my maternity shots.

  2. Love them! I have a green bamboo bowl similar to the first shot. I may have to borrow some inspiration for when our new arrival comes. Thanks for sharing your little June-bug and all of her fabulous siblings!

  3. I LOVE these! We had newborn photos with our second, but at a mall-type store rather than at home or the photographer’s house (mostly due to lack of planning). We will definitely do them again with a photographer we like.

  4. you make me want to have a gigantic family. i can feel the love from the blair household. june will fit right in, no problem.

  5. Wow! What a treasure these are! They are so beautiful & unique. I think Im going to have to go back to my childrens old baby photos & photoshop them onto a plate :) I wished I had done this with at least one of mine. Im going to have to research some creative ways to display the tons of candid shots I took of my babies & maybe make them look professional. It would at least be nice to have them on the wall & not on my computer :)

  6. Oh, you are killing me with these! So wonderful! They’re all so lovely that it’s hard to pick a favorite, but the first three, the bookshelf one, and the last one all need to be framed IMMEDIATELY! :) We didn’t do any professional photography when our daughter was born, but I’m going to try to set up a maternity/belly shoot and newborn/family shoot this time–I’ve seen a few local photographers who will schedule those as a package deal.

  7. When my daughter was born I was sent a card with a photo similar to your bookshelf shot and on the inside it read something to the effect of “congratulations on your newest edition.” Wouldn’t it make a cool birth announcement to do this type of photo with the caption reading “introducing our newest edition?”

  8. Oooh Love the newborn pictures. We didn’t have any taken professionally. I don’t even think I had it together to send announcements for our second. The picture on the bookshelf is priceless — as are the group shots! Congratulations on a big, beautiful family!!

  9. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. Mrs Design Mom, you are truly blessed. These pictures (and your blog/words) are inspiring me to expand my family. Soooooo freakin’ adorable!

  10. Blue Lily is one of my fave photographers. You are so lucky you were able to get her out on the East Coast. Love these shots, sweet June, and your uber cute color organized bookshelf!

  11. oh my goodness, beautiful pictures!! and yes, that last shot is perfect! all the kids are looking in a different direction. reminds me of our house growing up (with 6 kiddos too!).

  12. Wowowow, just LOVE these. I’ve seen a lot of newborn photography I didn’t really like, so we skipped them with our baby — felt like a lot of $$ for not a lot of return. But THESE — these are artwork! And baby June is adorable. These have changed my mind about infant photos.

  13. These are incredible and amazing and fabulous and I want some!! I don’t have a newborn (at least until October) but to have pictures like this would be wonderful. AND to be able to stay in my pajamas, even better!

  14. I love these so much that I want another so that I can do these newborn shots :) I love the shelf one. I also love the one where June is in the magenta hat. Is that hat from etsy? I love it! Congratulations on your beautiful bundle!

  15. Ohhhh, delurking! That bookshelf one is fantastic. Like a little toy left laying around. She’s no bigger than some of the books that surround her. Just outstanding!

  16. the book shelf picture is pure wacky genius. Too bad you couldn’t fit her on a grocery list. It would be the same kind of feel.

  17. I absolutely love all of the photos. They are gorgeous! Congrats again on such a beautiful baby and enjoy your wonderful pictures!

  18. I just realized Blue Lily is relatively local for me…looks like I just found my impending arrival’s photographer! Thanks, Gabby!

  19. So beautiful! That last shot is timeless. If you told me that this was a shot from the 50’s I would totally believe you. You have to hang that one up!

  20. Be still my beating heart, these photos are so so so beautiful.

    No surprise that each little member of your family is so lovely, however. Just look at their sweet mama :)

  21. Oh! These are such wonderful photos. How ugly is it of me that I am so incredibly jealous of them!? Needless to say… our newborn shoot didn’t go quite so smoothly. Yay for you, and yay for sweet baby June. What wonderful treasure for you both.

  22. These are fantastic! What a treasure to have such sweet newborn pictures of your little June. Blue Lily has done it again. Man, she’s good. It doesn’t hurt that most of her subjects are just too cute.

  23. Beautiful family. I love newborn pictures – have done them with two of my three children. Wish I knew better to do it with my first child.

  24. those are gorgeous. you have such a photogenic and beautiful family! i would love to have pictures like this someday. :)

  25. Oh my goodness, these are brilliant!! I love all the richness from the color. So many newborn pictures these days are done in black & white, which can be artistic and very complimentary, but I just can’t get over how much LIFE is in each picture despite the tiny sleeping subject. And that last one really is a treasure. What a great bunch of kids you have.

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