Valentine Fortune Tellers

Look at these adorable Valentine Fortune Tellers! They’re cute, free-to-print, easy to make, and candy-free. This project was inspired by the mounds of paper fortune tellers my kids made in elementary school. Making paper fortune tellers has been THE thing to do in third, fourth, and fifth grade for generations, and they’re sure to be a hit in classrooms everywhere.

To make some paper valentine fortune tellers with your child you’ll need to print out the PDF and have a paper trimmer or scissors handy.

trimming valentine fortune tellers

Cut the excess paper from the fortune teller along the dotted line. Your fortune teller should be 8.5″ x 8.5″ after it’s trimmed.

Fold the fortune teller in half, making a nice crease.

Make another fold, this time going in the opposite direction. This creates a “X” in the fortune teller when it’s opened.

folding valentine fortune teller

Turn the paper so the printed side is facing down on the table top. Turn one corner at a time towards the center point of the paper and make a nice crease.

folding valentine fortune teller from free printable

Flip the fortune teller over so the heart and number graphics are facing down on the table top. Next, turn each corner one at a time, towards the center of the paper. When you are finished, all of the numbers should be visible and your fortune teller should be in a nice square.

valentine fortune teller is a candy-free classroom activity
making a valentine fortune teller from folded paper

Flip the fortune teller so the four colored hearts are visible. Fold the fortune teller in half making a nice crease and then re-open. Do the same thing, this time going in the opposite direction.

valentine fortune teller

Slip your fingers inside the fortune teller as shown in the images to fluff.

valentine fortune teller is a candy-free classroom activity, make one with this free printable
valentine fortune teller is a candy-free classroom activity

You and your kids will have so much fun playing with these!

You can print your own fortune tellers. Download the free pdf here!

Created by Danyelle Mathews of Dandee Designs for Design Mom.

50 thoughts on “Valentine Fortune Tellers”

  1. Oh! My 6 year old son discovered Fortune Tellers this summer at camp, and was hooked! Being a boy, he’d come up with fortunes along the lines of “You will wake up and be a fish”.
    I love how clean this one is – it’s a sweet project (without the sugar!)

  2. Do classes share Valentine’s in France? I’ve lived in a few countries and only ever seen it in the US. I love the idea by the way.

  3. Fun! When I taught middle school, I decided to harness the love of fortune tellers by making them into vocab study tools. They are always a hit! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

    1. I’m forwarding this idea to my daughter in Mesa AZ. She’s a resource teacher for 7th graders who read at 5th grade level. The vocab study tools/fortune tellers will be a creative way to improve their literacy. Thanks!

  4. Leighann of D-Mom Blog

    I am looking for a craft for the class party. Do you have a version of this that isn’t colored in so that the kids can do that part? Maybe just an outline of the hearts and the numbers? Thanks!

  5. I love it; thank you for sharing! My daughter is going to be thrilled, but I must confess the ocd part of me is bothered that the 1 is upside down.

  6. We just told our daughter (8) we are having another baby using a fortune teller…she loves them. This one would have been so much cuter than the one I made!! We will be using these as well!!

  7. My 3rd grader loves the 3D lolly pop valentine and now this is perfect for the kindergartener. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  8. So thrilled that you posted that tutorial. My daughter came home with one yesterday unfolded and for the life of me I could not remember how to do it. She will be thrilled to see that I figured it out.

  9. i just made one of these!!! its so cute!! i’m making these for my friends, for valentine’s day!! thanks for the idea!! :) <3

  10. This is a fantastic idea – so cute! I’m having a little trouble getting it to look right, though, and am wondering if some of the numbers might have shifted on the PDF: 1, 7, & 8 get caught on the edge when folded up.

  11. I have the same problem… My pink heart numbers and purple heart numbers end up half way hidden on the other side of the fold. They seem further away from the corner point than the red and blue hearts. I really love these!

  12. thanks for taking the time to make this printable and post it! we may just print a bunch of these and use them for school valentine’s. i think the kids would love it.

  13. Thank you for this idea. My husband & I remember these from grade school years ago. I have these ready for my kids for this V’day. Thanks again for the tutorial AND the free download! Happy V’day.

  14. I just made one for my niece! We used to do these all the time when I was a kid.
    FYI – The numbers 6, 7 and 8 are off a bit, as well as the purple heart. They are under the folds and hard to see.

  15. When I printed them out the pattern was off. 3,4, 5, and 2’s were on,but the other numbers were off. I followed all directions.

  16. thanks I LOVE THIS! But – the printout doesn’t work and I’m so upset as I had it planned for my daughters party as she’s born on valentines :-(
    The numbers are off the fold. Can it be fixed maybe? I see others also have this trouble…
    Regards, Louise

  17. Super idea! Fortune tellers were so much fun when I was a kid. I’m happy to see that kids still enjoy them. I’ll have to save this idea for when my son gets older. He’ll love it as a grade schooler! Thank you!

  18. THANK YOU! These came out perfect. You made me look like a rockstar today (though I gave you credit whenever anyone said anything like that). :)

  19. Tahnk u soooooooo much!!!! my kids aren’t allowed to have candy at there school so i wanted to still do something special:)

  20. I’m having the same problem others mentioned. 7 & 8 are hidden by the fold and 1 & 6 are, too. The pink and purple hearts are also over the fold. I tried both the link at the top and at the bottom, in case one was different, but it’s the same PDF name:

    Now I see it’s from 2012, so realize I will need to try a different project to get this in the mail in time. Darn… this was going to be so much more fun for little nieces & nephews than just a card….

  21. I’m 71 years old, and all the girls in my classes used to make these. I was just thinking about these recently but had forgotten how to make them. Thanks for the refresher!

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