What to Wear to Kindergarten – Euro Edition

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It’s Betty Blair’s turn! (Fun fact: Betty is our only child with no middle name.) If Betty was in the US, she would be attending Kindergarten. Here, she’ll be attending the final year of Maternelle.

For some reason that I can no longer remember, I hadn’t shopped for Betty in ages. Everything she owned was either too small or stained and worn. So her wardrobe received a pretty complete overhaul. She seems very happy with the new clothes and thought modeling for these shots was the bees knees. Betty loves school and I’m betting she’ll be the first Blair kid to be fluent in French.

Find the whole series here.

P.S. I included an image of Betty’s lunchbox. I picked it up at a tag sale and Betty was NOT interested. But we tied on a big red bow and that made it acceptable. : )

– Orangey/red polkadot dress, houndstooth coat, jeans, pink pants, grey pullover with white bow, grey cableknit tights, navy stripe dress, red tights from H&M Kids.
– Charcoal grey cardigan and burgundy ruffle front henley from Zara Kids (last year)
– Purple leggings, tunic and scarf, from DPAM.
– Green/Blue booties from Joy Folie.
– Denim jumper from Petit Bateau.
– Red tiny-gingham top, teal scarf from Okaidi.
– Red shoes from Carrefore grocery store.
– Denim jacket from Target (2 years ago).

80 thoughts on “What to Wear to Kindergarten – Euro Edition”

  1. Okay, your kids are beyond adorable. I think Betty’s wardrobe might be my favorite–that stripey dress, the red mary janes, the teal scarf–Oh My! I have 2 boys and they do NOT appreciate my attempts to dress them stylishly. My 8yo is currently into dressing in one color at a time.

  2. What style your little ones have! Such sweet little outfits on a very sweet-looking little girl! (And, aren’t French children’s clothes the best? They infuse the same sense of style in their children’s clothes that they do in their adult clothing. Love it!).

  3. I would love Betty’s wardrobe in an adult size for myself. Please tell Betty her cuteness radiates over cyber space.

  4. Betty looks like such a young lady! The turquoise scarf is a lovely choice for her eyes and I LOVE her pink tights. The most stylish girl in the kindergarten/Maternelle!

  5. Love the style for these little ones! So european! Can you do a post of all of the ways to wrap a scarf? I think it would be neat to see how it is done in Europe right now.

  6. Well isn’t this just the icing on the cake that has been this series Gabrielle! I adore that houndstooth jacket! And that shot towards the end with her little scrunched up nose…so darling! My daughter is entering Kindergarten as well, so bittersweet and exciting…. This has been such a fun week over here :)

  7. My daughter just started Kindergarten here in California, and I have such a hard time imagining her being willing to wear such stylish clothes. Her tastes run more to Hello Kitty and pink :) How much of your kids’ wardrobes are their choices and how much are yours? How do you handle kids’ strong opinions about clothes that don’t necessarily make for the greatest outfits? (Particularly with the younger kids). Who gets the final say? Very curious, thanks!

  8. Oh, and I have the same question as the previous commenter. I can’t imagine my kids picking such stylish clothes. Do you pick out your kids clothes for them? How involved are they in the process?

  9. you just do such amazing things with them. will you tell us how much it cost to “clothe” betty for the school year, and will she get anything else? i want to invest in “good” clothes for my baby boy, but know that he will grow beyond them in a heart beat, so i hate paying 20-30 dollars for an item of clothing.

  10. I just bought my daughter the same red polka dot dress! Love it. Betty is beautiful and oh so fashionable!!

    We’re starting kindergarten as well…next Tuesday here. So exciting!!

  11. Lovely clothes and the cutest face!!! The colour red really suits this little girl, but my favourite is the purple outfit. Not to talk about her shoes and boots, just fantastic. I love the ribbon on her lunchbox!

  12. Betty is adorable. I love that you are predicting that she’ll be the first of the kids to be fluent in french. The houndstooth jacket with the bow detail on the back is to die for!

  13. Delightful! It is so wonderful to see children who “dress up a bit” to attend school. I think it might add a sense of reverence and respect for the learning that will take place there. I well remember, choosing my “school clothes” as well as my “play clothes” and was required to change after school each day to save wear and tear. Thank you for your beautiful blog… it is uplifting!

  14. My day just became perfect since stumbling across your blog! My little family lived in Lyon 2008-2009. We packed up our 2 yr old and 6wk old w NO French fluency and it may have been the best year of my life. How amazingly fortunate you are!! I’m beyond envious and hope to come back daily for stories of the daily baguette and markets. The markets! I’m crying. Have a blast!!! Congrats!!

  15. ugh they are all so sweet! and it is good to hear that they like school etc. Funny to think that I bet they have 1,000’s of people worried about how they’ve adjusted, how their french is going, etc.!

  16. Maria Ortiz-Cintron

    LOVE! The shoes, the lunchbox and the scarf are my top faves, but everything, including the braid AND the model are totally adorable!!

  17. Great to see the new school wardrobes for all your children. I think you / they picked some great pieces. Have you found the clothing you chose to be radically different from what you’d have chosen back home I wonder?

    1. Good question, Victoria. I suppose much of what we purchased was determined by what stores we had access to. And I definitely shop at different stores than I did in the U.S.

  18. Hey Friends! My site is getting a bunch of traffic today and it’s running quite slowly. I’m working with my server host to try and improve things right this minute, but thank you for your patience in the meantime.

    I know it’s a pain when the slideshows load slowly. Sorry!

  19. I have loved all the kids’ wardrobes, but seriously, she is BEYOND cute. What a little doll in her striped dress, purple corduroy jumper, teal scarf.. ahhh, just made my heart squeeze at how adorable she is.

  20. I am so enjoying this series! I lived in France for a year as a college student and while I had virtually no spending money, I was able to make small changes to my wardrobe that helped me feel I fit in a bit better. I always loved to see French children walking to school — just as bien habillé as the adults.

    There are a few great scarf tutorials on the web.
    This one is nice, and pretty simple:

    Hermes has one too — oh la la!:

    I am sure you talk about this somewhere on your site, but I’d love to know the inspirations for your children’s names. Are any of them family names? Why did you choose not to give Betty a middle name? And is she formally Betty or Elizabeth? She is a darling girl — a lot happening behind those eyes!

    I feel like you are doing the world some good with this blog. I always leave happier. :)

  21. Betty Blair! Wonderful style. I think I like the jumper best, though the red shoes are fantastic. Good luck at school. :)

  22. I noticed that a few of her pieces were from H&M I just went shopping there for the first time ever, a few weeks ago and got my daughter some clothes for Kindergarten! She has the same orange/polkadot dress. She loves it! Do you let her pick out her clothes or is it a team effort? I LOVE her red shoes? Where did you get them?

  23. Oh. My. Goodness. She is completely darling. And that first picture of her is a classic. So beautiful.

    I am once again so impressed with the lot of you, learning French, completely becoming absorbed in your surroundings and apparently loving all of it. Kudos to you :)

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