What to Wear to First Grade – Euro Edition

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Are you completely sick of What to Wear posts yet? So many kids! I hope you’ll indulge me while I finish the series. It’s Oscar’s turn now, and I think I’ll post Betty’s today too, so it’s all wrapped up this week. Thank you truly for your kind comments. The kids LOVE reading what you have to say.

Oscar is all about comfort. If his clothes allow him to do “rad moves” then he is happy and satisfied. One thing I realized as we were putting away his new clothes: I pretty much only buy striped socks for Oscar. A little peek of happy stripes can make even the most uneventful outfit feel young and adorable. But really, Oscar is adorable with or without stripes.

I would guess most of Oscar’s outfits (except maybe the scarf) would fit right in both American and French schools. What do you think?

Find the whole series here.

P.S. — Speaking of school clothes, remember Cher in Clueless?

– Blue stripe sweater, red seersucker top from Z-Enfant.
– Dark denim jeans, tie-waist pants, dark houndstooth pants, stripey socks, blue hoodie pullover, navy stripe tee, navy solid tee from H&M Kids.
– Black sneakers from Zara Kids.
– Grey denim jeans from DPAM. The scarf also (it’s the same one he wore in our recent Family Photos).
– Yellow striped polo from Verbaudet (last year).
– White collarless shirt was a hand-me-down from our landlord.

27 thoughts on “What to Wear to First Grade – Euro Edition”

  1. Oscar looks great! My little guy is four so this wardrobe’s the most applicable for us — can’t wait to see the sources!

  2. Wow. Perhaps less distinctly French, as you said, but certainly no less cool. I’m so impressed by your kids style and seeming self-possession. I’m feeling inspired to go stock up on grey and new scarves for “back to school”.

  3. love the missing tooth, all all the kids in my girls first grade were so proud of the new teeth thay got this summer. Your children are all so cute! Have a great school year!

  4. Oscar looks SO grown-up! Wow! If I didn’t know otherwise, I would have thought he was at least a second-grader!

    Oscar looks the most “American” to me, but I am pretty sure it is the wide, sunny, All-American grin!

  5. These posts are adorable…but I must confess a bit irritating to reload each page for one picture. And they load quite slow so I never made it through all the pics. I’d love if you posted it all in one post so I could scroll. Probably just me. …dont mean to complain. Forgive me.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Jana! My site is running exceptionally slow this week — not a good thing for slideshows. I’m actually working with my server host right now to try and speed things up. Thanks for your patience!

      Some people love the scrolling, others prefer the slideshow with the thumbnails so they can just glance at a few images. I’ve ended up going the slideshow route because I can upload more images quickly and it allows me to share more photos in the time I have available to blog.

      I wish I could find a solution that worked perfectly for everyone. I’ll definitely keep looking! : )

  6. The best funny faces I’ve seen in a while! Great outfits, I think Oscar looks like a very relaxed french boy, and he’s so cool! And I love stripes for shirts, jumpers and socks too (almost all my son’s socks have stripes).

  7. Pamela Balabuszko-Reay

    I love! his missing teeth. One of my favorite kid looks and it doesn’t last long. So cute.

    Regarding striped socks. I have been wearing striped socks for days when I feel I need superpowers for years! Job interview? Striped socks. Difficult conversation? Striped socks. First day of kindergarten for my first baby? Striped socks.

    Oscar has super powers!

  8. I love these posts–I am *definitely* not tired of them! In fact, I think maybe you should have MORE kids so that we can get to see more outfits. ;) Or, maybe it would be easier on you just to do seasonal editions and get more of these posts in that way (hint, hint), rather than taking on the effort and responsibility of more little Blairs. :)

    Oscar looks great! I agree he could fit in well in either setting–these totally say classic, stylish, timeless boy looks to me, and you can’t go wrong with that!

  9. I love striped socks for my boys, too. In fact, after searching the web for the most colorful socks I could find, I ordered many pair–only to discover my son had to wear solid color socks with his school’s uniform. I was so disappointed that I almost had to look for a different school. Striped socks and red shoes are among my favorite looks!

  10. I LOVE all his stripes, especially the t-shirt. He is just cute all over! I can’t believe he’s already missing his top front teeth. My seven-year-old has lost 3 teeth, all on bottom!

  11. I went to H&M today to shop and oh what a fun selection! I loved the polos and organic striped long sleeved ts! Thanks for that one! I need to go to another store because some stores only go up to size 8 and some go up to 10-12.

  12. LOVE your “what to wear” posts! Thanks so much for detailing.. esp the European edition as we’ll be headed that way in a couple of months. I’m pretty obsessive about my kids’ wardrobe and it’s nice to find a kindred spirit and is inspired by dressing her little people too ;)

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