Father’s Day

Hello, Friends! Did you have a wonderful Father’s Day? We had such a fun, traditional weekend. During church, I led the primary children while they sang Father’s Day songs. They were adorable. And we had a big BBQ yesterday afternoon with Ben Blair at the grill.

I was thinking of my dad yesterday and looked up some photos of him. I really like these two. The snowmobile one is when my family lived in a little fishing village in Alaska. My parents taught in the local school. At the time there were only 3 kids: my brother Jake, my sisters Rachel and Sara. We still have the giant orange parka my dad is wearing.

The other one is the baptism day of my brother Jared (you may know Jared’s wife if you read Say Yes To Hoboken). Mormon kids get baptized when they’re 8 years old and often, the child’s father performs the baptism. Here, my dad is holding two rolled towels under his arm so they can dry off after my brother gets dunked. I like Jared’s little madras tie.

Is it just me, or do you find Father’s Day more emotionally charged than Mother’s Day?

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  1. Generally, i find Father’s Days to be more low-key, although since I lost my dad last year, it is much more emotional for me now.

    On a side note, you look almost exactly like your mom!

  2. This year’s father’s day feels special to me. My dad had a stroke month ago, it is such a hard emotion to describe but I am glad he is ok now. It is so frightening to think one day I won’t be able to tell him: happy father’s day…

    Have a wonderful week. Thanks for the post of Suvi Ainoa. Can’t wait to send out the love to the two winners!


  3. Great pics of your dad, Gabby. I agree with LL, Father’s Day was always low key for me as well since my dad wasn’t really around in our lives, however, now that I have a son and my fiance is so in Love with him it is an emotionally charged day for me! Ha! I get choked up when I see them interacting or hugs and kisses being given and I’m grateful for that. Hope you had a great weekend.

  4. I was just thinking this year about the fathers day vs mothers day difference – ya know women are in charge of celebrating father’s day and we are more emotional and sentimental so I think it feels far more sentimental than mother’s day which is more about lots of gifts and flowers and stuff.

  5. As the daughter of a man easily moved to tears and the wife of a tender-hearted expectant dad, I would say that Mother’s Day and Father’s Day were equally emotional for me as both a child and an adult. My mom grew up without a dad (he was killed in WWII) so Father’s Day was always a time to celebrate that we HAD a father and how blessed we were to have one that loved us. Our mom just got homemade cards and a vaudeville/Broadway-style revue. (Yes, we’re dorks.)

  6. I think you posted once about your dad giving you flowers on Valentine’s Day. I really liked that and since then Christian has been giving Valentines to the girls on Valentine’s and I give to my boys. Nice tradition.

  7. First things first: your brother (as a kid of course) looks like he could fit right in the line-up of your kids! Family resemblance all over the place!!

    I think Mothers’ day is generally more doting and flowery, while Fathers’ Day can certainly be more emotionally charged. Father-child relationships are so different than mother-child. Moms are nearly universally nurturing, comfortable, soft (MAJOR generalization here); while dad’s run the gamut from distant to super-involved, disciplinarian to push-over. One thing’s for sure, dads have a profound impact on their children – something I think our society is only recently coming to recognize.

  8. This Fathers’ Day I attended a missionary farewell for my youngest brother and his wife who will be serving in Indonesia. George is the youngest of my father and mother’s seven sons and the youngest of my seven younger brothers. His sweet wife said that she loved George and was honored and happy to be his companion. His daughters were all there with their children 10 little boys and 2 little girls–all ages 1-6! George is beloved by each of his grandchildren and children . Beautiful tribute to his dad. George’s comment: “I would never have chosen me!”

  9. This is just lovely. Makes me want to hug my dad.

    A fishing village in Alaska? You’ve had such an interesting life.

    I feel a little torn on Father’s Day … I’m a relatively new mom (my daughter is 2), so I struggle a little bit to balance the attention equally between my husband and my father. For so many years Father’s Day has been all about my dad, and now it’s a day to honor my husband, too. Just want to make sure they both feel the love.

    Perhaps I’m worrying too much? :)

  10. Love the pictures of Mike, Gabby. Always do whenever any of you post about him. I definitely agree with you about Father’s Day being emotionally charged…

  11. I agree that Father’s Day is more emotional, but I’ve always thought that was because I lost my Dad so it was another day to remember him and all he was. One year he even bought gifts for us on Father’s Day because we were the ones that actually gave the day meaning.

  12. We girlies may be more emotionally charged for our Dad’s. I know my dad is the measuring stick for me. Three Cheers for good Dads!

  13. Lovely post. I’m sorry your dad is gone already. I know I am all grown up, but I will never be ready to lose my daddy. The only thing better than having him for a father has been watching my children get to have him for their Papa. Good fathers are such a blessing.

    I think you have your momma’s eyes.

  14. Father’s day was more emotional than I expected after having lost my dad last fall. I guess it didn’t make my list of days that I expected to be hard but it should have. Instead I tried to focus on making my husband’s day and only spent a little time on my own feeling sad. It is hard not to miss him more with all the touching stories about dads around. Makes me think of my own touching stories. Like how he always brought me roses on my birthday (which the husband has been tasked with continuing on for him).

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