On Saturday, I was sitting in the living room — folding laundry, catching up on email and generally recovering from our trip. I looked up and Maude was standing in front of me dressed as a mime. Why? Not sure. I guess inspiration struck and she went with it. Olive saw Maude and joined in.

I love these girls.

Do your kids ever surprise you with funny things like this?

P.S. — Speaking of our trip, you can find my photo set of our vacation here — including more photos of the pool tilework (for those of you who requested them).

44 thoughts on “Mimes”

  1. hahaha i love this. they are so gorgeous and look like they are full of creativity and verve for life. so so cute. [and so nice for them that they are raised in a home where creativity is encouraged & celebrated]

  2. I want to know the story behind the pool. Did your sister put it in or was it there when she bought the house? If she put it in, did she design the tile work? If so, did the kids contribute ideas or favorite ceramic pieces? Either way, what a neat feature!

  3. So precious! I love to hear my tot play with his farm and name all of his animals. For some reason, he always chooses one to be “Pancho”. It cracks me up every time!

  4. OH MY WORD they’re gorgeous. Brace yourself for the calls you’ll be getting from modeling agencies after this. I love the ultra serious faces. So awesome to have such creative kids. My daughter has no clue what a mime is but she sure says hilarious stuff…the other day she told my husband she wanted to help fertilize an egg-she suggested painting it…(that is, the variety of eggs that would make her a baby sister…

  5. Reminds me of a joke my mother sent me:

    If the police are reading a mime her Miranda rights, do they tell her she has the right to remain silent? hee hee

  6. Those are the least creepy mimes I’ve ever seen!! What fun and funny girls!

    All my kids surprise me with is good behavior (they are 2 and 3 years old and really like to tantrum ’til their noses bleed).

  7. Oh how cute are they? I do feel, and I’m speaking as a parent of a daughter, that these will need to be shown to future boyfriends or included in a collage for their wedding showers. ;) Use that creativity Design Mom! LOL ;)

  8. I love their expressions! And mime hands! Oh, I love these captured moments that sometime offer themselves up when we least expect it.

  9. Seriously, how cute and stylish are your girlies?! Beautiful. I vividly remember these lazy summer days full of playing dress up. So fun.

  10. great pix! gosh, takes me back! my son used to love to do mime. once my car broke down at night and we had to wait off to the side of the road in a busy intersection. my son hopped out and started miming in front of some floodlights that were illuminating a sign. i still chuckle.

  11. ha ha! those girls are hilarious and so creative! what beautiful souls!! xo

    on a side note, i cannot believe how much of a mini-me maude is of you!!! seriously! it’s crazy… especially that picture of her by the fire roasting marshmallows from a few days prior!

  12. The best thing about this is that you had two pairs of suspenders and groucho glasses in your house. That’s the way to foster creativity! They are going to love these shots when they grow up:)

  13. Are those 3D glasses from the movie theater? Our kids are getting a lot of mileage out of those things! I think I’m going to need to add some suspenders to our dress up box.

    Look at the rag monster that roared at me a few days ago…

  14. Maria Martino

    Beautiful post… but the most important thing right now (after having perused through your pics in Flickr) is that you do a post with that picture of you in the red shirt, with the baby covered by the SUPER CUTE brown… cover?
    How beautiful! I love it! I want to buy one!

  15. That is the coolest. I hope my kids do that someday. Right now they’re 3 and 18 months old so they pretty much just leg wrestle and argue over Woody from Toy Story:)

  16. Okay, could your kids be any more gorgeous?! (No.) They look like models!!! So clever and fun too. I love them. :)

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