Flora June Blair’s Baby Portraits

Two weeks ago, between photoshoots in New York and Australia, Wendy from Blue Lily flew in from California for a photoshoot with June.

Wendy is all about color. And I’m a color addict too. So it was a good fit.

Wendy came in with armloads of props and equipment, assessed the light in the house and got right to work. She picked up June and rocked her to sleep. She kept a white-noise app at the ready in case the baby woke. She was super speedy. And clearly a master.

We have never had newborn portraits taken before so I was fascinated with the process. Plus Wendy herself is super-interesting so I kept chatting her up. Finally, I had to hole-up in the office because I was afraid of distracting her while she worked.

While I was keeping busy in the office, Wendy finished up the backdrop shots and tried snapping June in various colorful places around the house. She kept these shots a surprise and it was so fun to see them when she sent the finished photos. This bookshelf shot is terrific.

What do you think about this image? June is so embryo-like. And that bowl was a gift from Ben Blair. It’s my favorite bowl.

Just as Wendy finished clearing up all the photo-shoot-accessories-and-equipment, the rest of my kids came home from their various schools. Although it was really just a Baby June shoot, Wendy graciously snapped some photos of all the kids together at my request. The all-kid shots are so full of energy. Ben Blair and I can’t stop grinning at them.

This last one is perfection — I think it totally captures the craziness-but-happiness that is our household:

What do you think? Will June survive this big family? Have you ever had a newborn photoshoot?

P.S. — If you’re hoping to have a newborn photo session, try to get it scheduled before the baby actually arrives. I hear the shots are best if taken within the first two weeks of the birth. And don’t worry if it seems too overwhelming to have a photographer at your house when the baby is so young. I was totally in my pjs during the whole shoot. Wendy didn’t mind at all.

165 thoughts on “Flora June Blair’s Baby Portraits”

  1. These are just amazing. The pictures of June alone are all fantastic and creative (particularly the bookshelf), but I still think my favorite is the one of her being doted on by her big brothers and sisters! Thanks for sharing these.

  2. Those are so beautiful! I love the bookshelf shot! Can I just say I am in awe of your 6 little ones? Seriously…I am overwhelmed with one. I have always wanted a big family, and yours is precious. I did have shots done for mine, but by the time I could wrap my brain around her coming my baby was 6 weeks old. For some reason, I felt like I had to keep him awake the whole time…call it new mama crazies. They turned out beautifully though.

  3. those are amazing! baby june is so sweet. I didn’t do newborn photos (even though a photographer friend offered) because I felt so overwhelmed and like I was living in a fog. I totally regret it! I will definitely do them next time around!

  4. WOW, love the pictures, love the one with the whole familly. An I also like the name of the smallest one ( I have too girls, Juno and Flora):)))

  5. My ovaries are aching, adorable. We did a photo shoot in the hospital for D-man (our 4th), it was beautiful. The only thing I wish was that the older children had been there. I really find the pictures of all the kids wonderful. I think June will survive just fine, she has a lot of people who love her dearly. I also joke with my husband that as we’ve added children the younger ones guardian angels have had to work overtime ;)

  6. Lovely… truly. How fortunate you are to know all these amazing people to fill your life with such beauty and fun.

  7. truly, truly beautiful. what a wonderful experience for you and your family. I have to say the bookshelf shot is my favorite of the ones you’ve shown us.

  8. Gabrielle these photos are amazing, the one in the bookshelf is the best! But the one I like the most is the last one, it really captures the tenderness of the kids. Congratulations! and blessings to your beautiful family!

  9. Love these! Love her little mouth!! I am totally planning on having a newborn shoot. We’re lucky… my brother in law is Paul at Paul Francis Photography http://paulfphotography.com/ so our children’s uncle will be doing the first of many photo sessions. And I will most definitely not care about being in my pajamas :)

  10. So sweet that little JUne & love the sibling shots. I had my girls done last week & Ellie pooped on me & pooped on the photographers blankets … I never knew what hard work it wa to photograph a newborn!

  11. Sandra Gonzales

    Are all babies beautiful when they are asleep?
    Mine is 11 yrs old but I still watch her sleep sometimes.

  12. I HATE that I don’t have shots of my babies as newborns. These are FANTASTIC! I love the color and I think my favorite is also the bookshelf shot. Awesome.

  13. June in the green bowl. That’s the one I liked and then I read the caption and it made it turned to love. Can’t say that the youngest doesn’t get any photos taken of her, which sometimes happens in large families, she will love it.

  14. Gorgeous. My favorite is the last one with all the kids. I love how malleable newborns are; she really got some neat shots. What a sweet memento of little June.

  15. Simply divine. What a lovely thing to own. She is just too precious. I was only given one child, can’t imagine what a housefull is like. The sound of all that laughter must lighten your soul. I have that same orange blanket in my house – go Ikea!

  16. Oh my, these are perfect, Gabby!!! I love them all especially the one with all the siblings around her overwhelming her with love and admiration :) I know she will survive the big family. I did have a newborn photo shoot and it was fun, simple but still fun. I love your photographers though. They know how to highlight and accentuate the perfect details. Love June on that big bamboo plate with the delicate flower. Adorable. TFS :)

  17. Gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS shots! And what an absolutely perfect baby June is … I love the bookshelf shot. I wish I’d had portraits of my kids done when they were small enough to fit in a bowl!

  18. These are gorgeous. I love the use of color and how precious little June looks all by herself. So peaceful when they are asleep! What a great idea and beautiful work!

  19. these are THE most beautiful newborn photos I’ve ever seen. They stirred somethings inside of me. The colors are so amazing!

  20. these are THE most beautiful newborn photos I’ve ever seen. They stirred something inside of me. The colors are so amazing!

  21. Such sweet and perfect photos – you have me now considering newborn photos!

    Of course, I love the shots of all the kids the best – what a wonderful gift for June to be surrounded with all that love! What a blessed little girl!

  22. I love the photos ,especially the one with the bookcase ,even more so when I saw the Ben Blair book on the shelf above June :)

  23. Emily J. Ridgway

    Oh my goodness!!!! These are the MOST SPECTACULAR photos!! My favorites are definitely the bookshelf (that’s a given!) and the first one of June in the yellow bowl with the blue blanket and flower branch. How perfect is she?! I love the last one with all the kids. The black & white is awesome too! Great job, Mama — You created a beautiful family.

  24. Love. Love. Love. the photo shoot. I did one with my new baby as well as the maternity shots. I don’t think I”ll ever regret having captured such a short and fleeting time of life. And I grew up with 6 kids in my family….5 girls and a boy. :P So it IS possible….but that’s more than a blog post comment. :P

  25. Just lovely. She is indeed very talented, and June is completely edible. She’s such a petite little thing.

  26. Those photos are amazing!!! I love all of them, but especially the book shelf one. Everything I have seen from Blue Lily is to die for!

  27. Those are sooo amazing! Nicole Hill (Gerulat) took pictures of my Zoe when she was 2 weeks old but they didn’t turn out great. The photography was great, but Zoe was awake and I didn’t have anything for her to wear because she was so tiny, so her long skinny arms were sticking out of a plain white onesie and her wide open eyes were just too newbornish…they just aren’t great. THESE are great.

  28. June is darling. Love the last one with all your babies, and of course the bookshelf and bowl ones. “Life is just a bowl of babies”.

  29. These are so beautiful. I am loving the bookshelf shot the most. It is so nice to have proof of how tiny your babies are because it doesn’t last long.

  30. She’ll not only survive but thrive. These are amazing. I just can’t get over how tiny she looks, especially wrapped in blue on the plate. So fantastic.

  31. From a photography standpoint, yes, absolutely the first 2 weeks of life are vital for the precious images of the newbies! The bookshelf one is my fave!

  32. Precious!
    Wendy (and Tyler, her husband) shot my sister’s wedding. They got some gorgeous shots of a memorable day.

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