Jump Ropes

One item on my girls’ Christmas list is 2 long jump ropes — long enough to try double-dutch, to jump in back doors and front doors (remember how awesome jump roping is?). So that’s what Ralph made. One for Maude and one for Olive.

I had pretty much nothing to do with this. The project was handed off to Ben Blair with the following explanation: Ralph is thinking about making jump ropes for Maude and Olive. But I have no idea how to make the handles. Will you please work with Ralph and figure something out?

They pow-wowed and came up with the idea of bike handles. Which worked perfectly.

Nice work, Ralph! Nice work Ben Blair!


Want more ideas? Here are some links to other sibling gifts we’ve made:
Ribbon flowers (as belts, clips and hairpins)
Glitter Initials
Decoupaged Sketchbook
Tutu, decoupaged bucket for matchbox cars, after-school bags, tiedye tees
Flower headbands
Wool mittens from recycled sweaters, embellished dragon mittens, sculpey bracelets, bibs, snowglobes and romper stompers made from cans
Bubble bath, circle loom scarf
Ribbon barrettes, painted t-shirt
Bean bags, heating pad, hand chalk (for gymnastics), iPod cover

17 thoughts on “Jump Ropes”

  1. I am so impressed. My 2 girls asked for jump ropes this year too, but theirs were just purchased from the store. (Lame.) Why can't I be more creative?

    My girls are making gifts for each other this year, but the only idea I had was have them make those fleece blankets by cutting the fringe and tying the knots around the edges. So they're secretly making each other identical gifts. . . out of different fabric, of course.

    Next year I will have so many more great ideas to work with. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the inspiration! My boys are 2 and 4 and we just finished our sibling gifts. The 2 yr old and I made recycled crayons for his brother, and the 4 yr old colored a dinosaur on a swatch of fabric and I sewed it onto a brown hoodie. They turned out great! AND were great fun to create.

  3. I really love your homemade sibling gifts! I'm going to use that idea as soon as I have more than one kid. :) I'm right in the middle of my own handmade holiday right now and I'm having a ball!

  4. Just wanted to say that my 5 year old son and I have been busily making sibling gifts for his two brothers and sister. Great tradition beginning. Also a question. Are you related to Maude Adams, the famous stage actress of the late 1800s/early 1900s? She was the inspiration behind James Barrie's Peter Pan.

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  6. Hey – I have been looking for a great DIY Jumprope. I love your ideas for the handles. I had a question. I wanted to know – did you use regular rope? I know that it’s important to use rope that is stiff enough to give a good snap etc. . .

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