Ribbon Flowers

Once the sketchbook and initials were finished, Maude got to work on her gifts for Olive and Betty. Originally, she was thinking legwarmers. But when I showed her the ribbon flower idea I posted last week, she changed her mind. Maude made 3 flowers. One she attached to a ribbon to be worn as a belt.

One she attached to a bobby pin to be worn in hair.

One she attached to a large clip to be flexible — it can be worn on clothes or in hair or on a purse or backpack.

Some of the photos are really dark and it’s hard to tell, but these all turned out gorgeous. We worked with 1-yard lengths of 2.5 inch and 1.25 inch ribbon. And the size of the flower changed dramatically depending on what kind of combination we used.

By the way, the quality of the ribbon makes a big difference. The cheaper stuff we used for our first experimental flower (not shown) was not as pretty. Not even close. The silk ribbon we bought by the yard at Michaels was much better.

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25 thoughts on “Ribbon Flowers”

  1. how did you get it so rufflie and layered looking? was that just a really long piece of ribbon? i love these and they are a fortune at the stores!!! thanks for the tip!

  2. I fell in love with the idea of having the kids make gifts for each other when I read your posts about it last year. So we are giving it a go this year! The kids are loving it! As always, thanks for the wonderful ideas!

  3. You inspired me last year to start this tradition. In fact, it's what got me hooked on your blog. :) This year we are all making gifts for each other-parents included. I am also doing your 3 present guidline which is awesome. I love, love these ribbon flowers and everything else you've made over the years. Thanks for the great ideas!

  4. These are gorgeous… I am going to help my boys make some of these as their gift for their sister. Love the idea of the kids making gifts for each other… really special and sweet for all of them.

  5. Is there a trick to this? I grabbed some wired ribbon in JoAnn's today, and tried it. It was easy to pull out the wire, and it gathered nicely as I was pulling it out, but as soon as the wire is removed completely, and the ruffles fall out and I have a flat piece of ribbon again.

  6. Such a beautiful and seemingly easy craft to make and give! You are such a creative mom! What a great idea to have the kids make each others' gifts- makes the holidays even more special.

  7. Mama Llama, you don't remove the wire. In fact, I pull from both ends to make sure none of the ribbon slips off. When I made these for my daughter this week, I used a pair of needlenose pliers to make a small loop in the wire after the ribbon was all gathered to hold it in place.

    Gabrielle, I want to know where at Michael's you found silk ribbon? I looked there and couldn't find any.

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