Glitter Initials

After the sketchbook, we worked on Oscar’s gifts. This was the first year Oscar was really able to make presents for everybody and he was really into it. As a preschooler, he is fairly obsessed with alphabet letters, so we thought this was the perfect idea: Glitter Initials — to be put on a bedroom shelf as decoration. A little bit kitsch-ier than I prefer for sibling gifts, but an ideal project for a 4-year-old.

First, Oscar and I made a trip to the craft store to pick out wooden cutouts of each sibling’s first initial. There were lots of different styles and sizes to choose from. Oscar had definite opinions.

Next we came home and Oscar interviewed each sibling about his/her favorite color. He drew a picture of the sibling and made a note about color preferences. Then it was time to glue and glitter.

Oscar painted on glue with foam brush, picked out the favorite color of glitter, and got to shaking. (Mom’s job was to return unused glitter to its bottle.)
The whole project took about 15 minutes and Oscar couldn’t have been more pleased with himself.

Once they were dry we wrapped them up before the rest of the kids snuck into the work room.

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13 thoughts on “Glitter Initials”

  1. Oh, wow! I really love this idea! I think I'll have my kids make these for each other, too. Mine are all toddlers and I think they could totally handle this. Thanks!

  2. I love Oscar's cute 'design briefs' for each sibling he made for himself!! Makes me laugh – only the child of a designer!!

    I come from a big fam and remember the days of home-made presents – your creating great memories…:)

  3. I have a confession to make. And I might now be very popular for saying this. But I think Oscar is my favourite of all your kids… I loved watching his expression when baby June was trying solid food. And then the post when you photographed them together and he was sighing and going all mushy over his sister…. oh so cute!

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