Embellished Gloves

This was Betty’s first year making gifts and I really wasn’t sure what she should make. But we were in the checkout line at JoAnn’s on Saturday and saw these “one-size” gloves for $1 each. We bought 4 pairs and figured we would come up with something to do with them when we got home. This is what we did:

1) For Olive, we used a green pair and applied purple glitter with mod podge on the cuffs. I can’t imagine the glitter will stay permanently affixed, but Betty really wanted to do something with glitter and I figured why not. At least they’ll be cute coming out of the box.

2) For Maude, we used a grey pair and sewed on a small bow with a black button. 3-year-old Betty can’t sew — but she could pull the needle when I pushed it through the button. And she thought that was delightful.

3) For Ralph, we used a black pair. We cut circles out of felt and hot glued them to the cuff. Betty could trace the circles using a stencil and a marker.

4) For Oscar, we used a navy pair and letter stencils and fabric paint to write his name across the gloves.

Since we already had all the supplies (except the gloves) in the craft cupboard, this was definitely our least expensive sibling gift project at $4. Whenever the kids ask Betty what she made, she answers, “Ssssshhh. I can’t tell you it’s gloves. It’s a surprise.”

Want more ideas? Here are some links to other sibling gifts we’ve made:
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Tutu, decoupaged bucket for matchbox cars, after-school bags, tiedye tees
Flower headbands
Wool mittens from recycled sweaters, embellished dragon mittens, sculpey bracelets, bibs, snowglobes and romper stompers made from cans

14 thoughts on “Embellished Gloves”

  1. these are adorable (as are all the other gifts) – am thinking about doing this with the plain gloves we got for the kids at target … what a great project to do with the kids.

  2. I love these ideas! When I grow up, can I be a mom like you? (I'm already "grown up" but I hope to keep growing!) I really love 3-year-olds- I'm still laughing at Betty's "I can't tell you it's gloves…" remark. My niece once said in a loud stage whisper, "Shhh, we have a surprise for Grandpa, it's a cake."

  3. I LOVE the gloves!!! You are so creative and inspiring. I already made the ribbon wrapped headed bands with the flowers. They turned out super cute. Can't wait to make some gloves too.

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