Election Day 2020

On Election Day four years ago, I wore my red power suit and voted for a woman for president. Oh my. I was so happy for that opportunity — and I found it shocking that I had made it to my forties and it was the first time. (Have we really never had a president who is a woman? How can that be?) As someone who has been in charge of things big and small since I was a kid, it always confuses me when I realize how many people are flat out not okay with women leaders.

This year feels different. The stakes are much higher — in 2016 we could only guess how bad Trump would be; now we know for sure. When I think of all we’ve lost over the last four years, all the steps backward, all the corruption, violence, and death, I find it heartbreaking and disturbing to acknowledge that he might win this election; Americans may decide to choose him again.

We can do so much better than Donald.

I voted weeks ago with an absentee ballot that I faxed to California (and received an email confirmation that it was received), so I won’t be going to the polls today. I voted for Biden|Harris! They are excellent candidates and really good people who have run an incredible campaign — and I hope they win. They are our best chance for repairing the damage this administration has done and working to heal the country. They are our best chance for combatting climate change. They are our best chance for achieving equality and justice for all Americans. They are our best chance for combatting Covid-19.

If you haven’t voted yet, please make time to do so today. If you’re not sure how, there are thousands of volunteers ready to walk you through how it works and where you need to go. And don’t be embarrassed if you find the whole process confusing — the GOP has spent many years making it as hard to vote as possible, so if you find it challenging, that’s because it IS challenging. But if you’d like to vote, don’t give up — in many states you can still register!

Today, I’m especially thinking of everyone who has worked so hard to keep America moving forward despite a despicable leader. I’m thinking of the resistance — led out by Black women, the demonstrators and sign makers, the march organizers, the artists and essayists and journalists, the phone bankers, the canvassers, the poll workers, the pro-bono lawyers, the suburban moms, the campaign teams and volunteers, and so many people who have given their time and resources and creativity to defend democracy. I see you and appreciate you. I know everyone is exhausted, and I think you should feel proud of what you’ve accomplished. Thank you. 

All eyes are on you, America. Let’s make it a great day.

P.S. — I’m still updating the Election Week post with links and tweets.

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  1. So sorry, Gabby, as I hit “submit” on my comment I realized that you already note in post that one can still register to vote today (in some states)! Would you add a link, though? Never know which votes will make the difference! :) Thank you for all you do to keep us informed.

  2. Beautiful suit Gabby! Thanks for your voice & your bravery in all that you share! Not sure what to do with myself on this election morning (I’ve already voted) other than send some love out in the world! With admiration & in solidarity!

  3. That suit. You win. Also, thank you for all of your thoughtful posts. You are writing about what the future can hold. We are here for it.

  4. The Election Week link goes to a previous November link – not this year’s. Thank you for all your insightful posts!

  5. I feel like I’ve done what I can do. I’ve voted, I’ve encouraged others, and I’ve sent out reminders with love to friends and family. Now I’m praying, literally. It feels like that’s all that’s left to be done. I won’t watch the results tonight, I feel too fragile. I’ll find out tomorrow and move on. Hopefully, in the best direction (away from the disaster of the last 4 years)!

  6. Well, I’m a mess. I am so much of a mess that I’m about to call my insurance company to approve an upcoming Mammogram because that’s going to be more fun than thinking about everything else that’s happening today.

  7. You are a knockout in that photo, striding forward with such confidence! Thanks for helping us to carry that energy forward today!

  8. I also voted by mail for Biden + Harris in CA earlier. And today I feel like I’m holding my breath. I know that getting Trump out is essential but not enough to repair our country and I am afraid, honestly. I am looking back in gratitude to those who made it possible for me to vote. And as always on soul-trying days, I’m turning to poetry. Today, it’s Adrienne Rich:

    “Stone by stone I pile
    this cairn of my intention
    with the moon’s weight on my back,
    exposed and vulnerable
    across the slanting fields
    which I love but cannot save
    from floods that are to come;
    can only flatten down
    with this work of my hands,
    these painfully assembled
    stones, in the shape of nothing
    that has ever existed before.
    A pile of stones: an assertion
    that this piece of country matters
    for large and simple reasons.
    A mark of resistance, a sign.

  9. We think of you, from Paris. So many american women have worked hard in these past years to create, resist and articulate a very clear and firm voice against oppression, patriarchy, injustice. You’ve been inspiring, still are!

  10. I’m so nervous today I can’t even think. I feel like the news has taken a way more alarmist turn in recent days of “Trump can still win!” I hope that’s just strategic to motivate lazy voters and stave off apathy. How can anyone look around at what we’ve become and ask for a second helping? We’re throwing a election returns “party” with just our household, and I’m nervous about how I’m going to hold it together in front of my kids if Biden isn’t the clear winner tonight. I can’t even yet contemplate the implications of 4 more years of Trump.

  11. Love the photo! History has its eyes on us. VOTE! Dropping off my ballot a couple weeks ago was an awe-inspiring feeling. In the middle of the day, there was a line at my local library not for the book return but for the ballot box!

  12. Pamela Balabuszko-Reay

    I voted on my birthday in September. That felt great. I’ve always been very engaged. I’m used to feeling excitement on Election Day. That has been replaced by an awful feeling I can’t even describe. Up until this past week our mail in ballots could be received for a period of time after Election Day here in Minnesota. The GOP took that away in a recent court case. So IN THE MIDDLE OF VOTING the rules changed. Minnesota has a reputation for our elections being run very well. Our ballots have paper back up after being run through the machine. We have extremely high voter turnout. I just want our state to have an ethical gut check and get back to being true blue. I’m off of social media for the day. I might watch Colbert’s live show late tonight. I’ll check in with the 538 crew. Trying to stay away from coverage that is non stop drama. Maybe pizza, Hamilton and cuddling with the dogs in the meantime. Truth be told- we are all pretty shaken and exhausted. We’ll know soon enough. We’ll have work to do no matter what. We have to repair this world. Thank you for your voice Gabrielle. It is needed and appreciated. Fingers crossed for all of us.

  13. Dear Gabby,
    Absolutely stunning–and a special THANK YOU for helping to get so many of us through this turbulent time. Of course I am so worried about how things will turn out, but I know your articulate thoughts & strong voice will guide us no matter what!

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