Stay Hopeful & Be Patient

[UPDATE: This post is from Wednesday, but I added Thursday & Friday tweets too.]

For anyone waking up to election news, stay hopeful! Good progress happened while you got some (much needed) rest. Here are a whole bunch of tweets I shared on Instagram this morning that you might find encouraging and calming:




One thing I’m remembering, is how discouraged I felt after the midterms election day in 2018 — but after a week or so, it was clear there had been a massive blue wave. Could the same thing happen this time? Will things look much better in a few days?

How are you feeling today? What are you stress eating? How are you keeping yourself distracted/busy?

15 thoughts on “Stay Hopeful & Be Patient”

  1. Thank you so much for posting this morning (or afternoon, for you). I was thinking about what your reaction would be to the poll news as I woke up for the third time in the middle of the night checking the stats. Of course, that’s not healthy at all, but living in Trump-loving Carson City, NV has definitely taken its toll on me and I wanted to see how my state voted (still waiting). I’m trying to stay hopeful, but I have to say that I am discouraged by the number of people who still voted for Trump.

  2. Now, I am not even American! But I have the worse feeling of anxiety in my stomach and am finding it most difficult to focus on my work today. I will keep watching to see how things shape up over the next couple days.

  3. Thank you for this. Very needed this morning. I prepared for a long week, but there was still a glimmer of hope in my heart for a pleasant surprise of more states *strongly* rejecting what Trump represents. Breathing, remembering to be patient, knowing that the past four years have shone a light on the racism, misogyny, and xenophobia that persist in the United States and that there is so much work yet to do.

  4. I just ate two plates of pancakes and three glasses of cider. I didnt sleep last night. These tweets brought me hope. Just a sliver, but it’s glimmering. Thank you.

  5. Disappointed this morning that my district (NC-11) elected a truly horrible young man to represent us in Congress (Madison Cawthorn…who’s first message to his new constituents was “cry more, libs”…yaaaaaaay. Will be a fun couple of years). But feeling super hopeful about Biden—we always knew it was going to be a couple days until we knew for sure. And my city (Asheville, NC) just elected our first all-female city council. Super pumped about that.

  6. Also not American, German-British here, and here in Germany many many people are watching the development with bated breath and talking about it all the time. Lots of people here also stayed awake until the small hours to follow the news, messaging back and forth. Fingers crossed or as we say in Germany Daumen drücken (Thumbs pressed) !

  7. While the ultimate question of who is President has yet to be answered the fact that so many Americans voted for that man is beyond my comprehension and makes me very sad.

    1. This exactly. While I’m feeling hopeful that Biden will come out on top, he will still have to deal with the fact that almost half the country actually voted for Trump. The inhumanity towards others that got Trump elected last time is still here, and still here in force. It is not going to be easy to deal with, especially with the huge disappointments in the Senate races. Biden will not have a Democratic Congress to help him untangle this rat’s nest.

  8. I appreciate this post so much. On the other hand, my body, spirits & mind feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. It’s unusual that I can’t eat, after packing on the COVID pounds, and I’m finding it difficult to muster the energy to get dressed. My extended family is seriously divided & while I know I should just “let go” of my negativity towards them, I just want them to disappear from my life. I hate myself for feeling that way, but I cannot understand what they see as a redeeming factor in their love for Trump. I guess I have some serious work to do on “myself.”

  9. Yes! Don’t lose hope!

    But I am disappointed at how tight this race is! No matter what happens — America is incredibly divided. Heart ache.

  10. Trying to be patient and hopeful.
    However, that this was not a landslide is vile. I’m sadly not shocked but I’m disgusted. Four years ago, it was upsetting that racism was not a dealbreaker. This time around, it’s the dealmaker.

  11. It must be strange to be watching this unfold from another country.

    I am feeling a little hope today after going to bed feeling a bit discouraged. However, it’s far from over, and I won’t breathe easy until Biden takes the oath of office on January 20.

  12. I’m absolutely “nauseously optimistic” which i stole from Robert Reich. Too anxious to stress eat and still nervous about letting my kernel of hope grow… but oh my gosh am I going to celebrate when Biden wins!!! And then maybe on January 20, 2021 I can start sleeping normally again!!

  13. To keep my heart full and my anxiety flowing through my body rather than feeling stuck, I listened to Brene Brown’s podcast about “Strong Back, Soft Front, Wild Heart”, enjoyed a forest bathing meditation in my backyard, cooked for my family, flowed through a vigorous workout, sat just watching nature and now I’m being patient and hopeful. Thank you for the years of inspiration in your posts!

  14. How are you feeling, Gaby? I read the papers, the results confuse me. I hoped for a giant democratic wave; but it is tricky to read the results, between the numbers of persons who voted and the great electors… All my thoughts of solidarity. Keep calm and carry on what you do, you do a great job with your clear and genuine voice.

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