Election Week

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Is this going to be the most unproductive work week ever? It sure feels that way. This election is weighing heavily on my shoulders, and I know I’m not alone. I’m having a hard time concentrating. I find myself wanting to stay away from Twitter — because the polls and predictions (no matter what they say) seem to trigger panic for me. At the same time, the election is the only thing on my mind, so trying to stay away from Twitter is challenging.

I keep looking for distractions. A typical good distraction for me is errands, but that’s not workable because we’re in a strict lockdown this month. Cleaning/organizing is also a good distraction for me, and that’s how I occupied myself yesterday. Maybe today I’ll tackle reorganizing the attic.

Another distraction that works for me is a new show to binge. The Queens Gambit, Tehran, and Ted Lasso are recent binges I really enjoyed. Have you seen any of those? I need to seek out some other binge-able recommendations.

I’ve also considered pulling out our Christmas decorations. I have never once done this before Thanksgiving, but this year might be a first.

Here are some tweets I shared this morning on Instagram. I’ll probably be sharing more throughout the day — and I believe this widget will auto-update with the new tweets I add.

Because of the tech issues, I wasn’t able to write my Friday link list, so I think I’ll share some links here too — and maybe add to the list as the day goes on. (Speaking of tech issues, they are still not resolved, but I’m hopeful today will be the day.)

Your turn. How are you feeling today? Are you able to put the election out of your mind easily? Or are you seeking out distractions as well? Have you read anything election-related that you found enlightening or helpful? Feel free to share.


Here are some links and tweets I wanted to share with you:

-A thread on how Australia got their Covid numbers down from 700+ per day to zero.

Why are Republicans so afraid of voters?

-GOP Election Lawyer Ben Ginsberg: My party is destroying itself on the altar of Trump.

-Do you agree? If We Are Going to Recover from Trumpism, We Must Deny Charity to Trump’s Henchmen.

11 seconds. Watch tax rates of billionaires drop since the 1950s. It’s so gross and maddening.

-Come on Conservatives. Where are those calls for civility now?

-And don’t forget: most home nursing workers are women and people of color.

-Documents show the White House sidestepped the FDA to distribute hydroxychloroquine — an ineffective, and potentially dangerous, treatment for Covid-19.

-Here’s why the media isn’t reporting on the Hunter Biden emails. “Some people claim the press is suppressing the Hunter Biden email story. Fact is, NBC News did investigate it, but we didn’t run with it because we couldn’t verify it. And yes, we tried: over and over and over.”

-New: We analyzed Trump and Biden Facebook ads and found Facebook charged Biden more than it charged Trump on average. The gap was especially wide for ads targeted to swing-state voters in July and August, when Biden paid, on average, double Trump’s rate.

My brain can’t comprehend all that we’ve broken and lost these last four years.


Value people over products.


-When you interact with police, you are guaranteed certain rights under the U.S. Constitution. Here are some helpful things to remember if you’re stopped or pulled over.

-Let’s Count All the Errors and Lies in Brett Kavanaugh’s Defense of Voter Suppression.

-More and more keeps coming out about the dark money scheme to put Barrett on the court.

-What are your thoughts on ranked-choice voting?

-Hahahah. Help! I’ve Been Invited To Too Many Celebrity Private Islands!

Something joyful.

Blaire is so good at this.

-Hey Conservatives: The GOP doesn’t want people to vote. You might want to consider why that is.

-Socialism for the rich, harsh capitalism for the rest of us.

-She’s right. It was stolen from all of us.

-I can’t trust anyone who pretends walking around with an AR-15 is “normal”.

Some Words to Get You Through the Next 48 Hours.

-“The Electoral College is slavery’s revenge on the 21st century.”

Four horrible years in two minutes.


13 thoughts on “Election Week”

  1. I have never pulled out the Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving either but for some reason I really want to. Like right now! I think I’m subconsciously trying to do anything that brings comfort right now because my anxiety level is so high this week. As for binge watching– I’ve been getting into K-dramas lately. Such a needed escape. Favorite so far is “Crash Landing on You” on Netflix.

    Thank you for all of your links.

  2. How does absentee voting work abroad? Are you still a California resident without residency? Also worrying and panicking and praying about the election here.

  3. We’ve celebrated the Day of the dead for 2 weeks and will still do for another week or so; candles and photos are pretty (I am not ready for Christmas). We’re feeling down but not so much for the lockdown, more for terrorism and all those seriously needed conversations we must have, in France, about religions, violence, brainwashing, colonialism, post-colonialism, etc etc. BUT a 7 y old little boy is a ray of light, always. Thinking of you, of my american friends, of your so important elections.

  4. My sister recently encountered one of those Trump truck/car caravans on the beltway around Columbus, OH. She said she felt very intimidated and scared (as just a regular driver, she doesn’t have bumper stickers, etc. on her car even though she is a Biden supporter), and exited as soon as she was able, even though it meant going out of her way to her destination. So I only can imagine what it was like for the folks on the campaign bus.

  5. We also loved Ted Lasso for a distraction. And lots of home reno shows. Are you able to see Lorraine Bracco’s HGTV show? It chronicles her work on an abondoned house in Sicily. Can’t wait to check it out.

  6. I’m a mixture of jumbled nerves right now. While I remain ever hopeful that Democracy and Truth will prevail, I’ve had enough years on earth to temper my expectations.

    Honestly Gabby, I come to your blog/Twitter feed for calm and clarity. You are such a gift <3

  7. If you haven’t yet… highly recommend Schitt’s Creek. Funny. Clever. Warm. Good for the soul. Amazingly written, acted, and put together.

  8. Yay you’re back online! And at a much needed time too. I’m extremely anxious right now and trying to keep occupied while staying away from news. Everything is so crazy that when your website was down today, I did not think it unreasonable that someone hacked your site. Unbelievable huh? I’m in the middle of Queen’s Gambit and I just finished The Biggest Little Farm, which I think you and your family will love. Great British Baking Show is also extremely soothing for me. Eternally hopeful for tomorrow

  9. Did you know Supreme Court justices can be impeached and removed, just like the president? Something to think about. Kavanaugh. Desperately looking for something as I’m terrified what is to come.

  10. So surprised (& excited) to see a post from my husband (@bubbaprog) in your Twitter thread! Shamelessly going to encourage other Twitter friends to check out his feed. He’s always a levelheaded force for truth and justice. I am so proud of what he does.

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