Technical Difficulties

Hello, Friends. You may have noticed some tech issues yesterday. I’m sorry about that. I hired a team to migrate my site to a new server at the end of September. They thought it would only take a weekend (when my website traffic is slowest), but alas it ended up taking a whole month! And it didn’t finish until yesterday.

The problem is: since they started the migration at the end of September, none of the posts I’ve written since then, for the entire month of October, were transferred. It’s fixable, but the situation has turned into a bit of a comedy of errors.

I was on the phone with the new server host last night for a couple of hours. They have a migration team who can finish the final month of transfers for a fee (which I’m happily willing to pay — I just want this sorted), but it just so happens that their purchasing software is malfunctioning (not only for me, it’s not working for any of their customers). And they can’t/won’t start the transfer until the purchase has been made.

It’s killing me, because the hardest part is done — the website is transferred! We just need one month of missing posts, which should be a very quick thing. But their team can’t do it until their purchasing issues are resolved, and they don’t know when that will be.

Alternatively, I don’t have to use their team; I could hire another site migration expert who I’m betting could take care of this lickety split. But at the moment, I don’t know any site migration experts to hire. I’m not sure if it will be faster to seek someone out, vet them, and hire them. Or to wait for the current server migration team to deal with their purchasing issues. [UPDATE: I was finally able to make the migration package purchase. Hooray! Not sure how long until the team will get back to me on next steps, but hopefully soon.]

I’m feeling very stuck. This kind of thing is incredibly stressful because it feels so out of my control. There’s a lot of website maintenance that I’ve learned and that I do myself, but this is above my skill level and I don’t know how to fix it. Urgh.

Anyway. I’m hesitant to create more posts (except this little notice), until the issues are resolved — I don’t want more content and discussion lost in the shuffle. I’ll keep you updated as soon as I have more news.

7 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties”

  1. I’ve been waiting for a much needed website refresh from my guy for a while now. It’s not his fault, lots of problems with GoDaddy and a switch we are making etc. Plus it’s Mercury Retrograde- always an interesting time, depending… It’s just that I will soon turn 70 and waited a very long time to be me. So I’m antsy! All the best to you getting this fixed!

  2. Thanks for clearing this up! Honestly I was thinking “did foreign operatives hack her site because of that awesome post about Conservatives?” Because, well, it’s 2020. I’m relieved to know it’s nothing sinister!

  3. Hugs to you Gabby! We’ll all hang tight and maybe take this as a suggestion to sign off for a couple days and enjoy the final moments of true fall :)

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