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Today I was reminded how wimpy I am compared to my pioneer ancestors — and most of the population of Planet Earth. When we woke this morning, the temperature in our house was 53 degrees. (The heat had stopped working in the night — it was speedily fixed this morning and we’re now a toasty 70 degrees again.) I realize 53 degrees is nowhere near freezing, but you would think it was the trial of the century the way I shivered in my sheets. Could I be more ridiculous?

Here are a few things I’ve been wanting to share with you:

-I’ve never been a consistent journal keeper, but I might be able to keep up with this. And it’s pretty.

-What it looks like to fly into Salt Lake City.

-Can I give some sort of prize to her for Happiest Idea?

Book jackets (with coordinating bookmarks) make me happy. Especially Sherlock’s pipe.

-This photo series of “rusty neutrals” feels like January looks.

-Whoorl found the greatest invention of the decade. You will want this too.

-The prettiest winter festival I have ever seen. I might need to put this on my life list (if I had a life list).

-I still have houses on the brain. This one is the favorite I saw this week.

-The proper way to celebrate a 90th(!) birthday.

-School kids from PS22 sing the Alicia Keyes/Jay-Z New York Anthem. So wonderful. (Thanks, Etta!)

-This series of “hiding” photos made me look. Twice.

-Who knew a commercial about wearing your seatbelt could be so beautiful?

Have a terrific weekend. I hope your weekend feels like the cozy image above. 

7 thoughts on “A Few Things”

  1. I went through every single one of your links and it made my afternoon. Thanks for the wonderful round-up

    and me too, I am totally doing the happy chalk idea

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