What to Wear When You’re Expecting

Today I am 25 weeks pregnant. Only 15 to go! (Although really, I’m not in any big hurry.) I’ve been trying to keep a record of some of my favorite outfits during this pregnancy. Here are five:

Tuxedo Jacket at Macy’s Juniors Dept — not maternity. Tee by H&M.; Tie by Brooks Brothers (via Ben Blair’s closet). Pants by Nine Times Three (more on them later, they are my fave pants). Shoes by Guess.

Sweater by Gap. (Not maternity.) Skinny jeans by Gap Maternity. Shoes by Jessica Simpson.

Dress and coordinating jacket/robe from Target Maternity — saved from past pregnancies. Belt and tights — I can’t remember. Hmmm. Shoes by Guess.

Dress by Gap Maternity. Just bought this a week ago — it was $13. Score! Belt by who knows? (The dress comes with a sash, but I liked this better.) Tights, probably from Walgreens. Boots by Nine West (they are at least a decade old).

Pants, cowlneck, and wrap all from Gap Maternity. (Wow. I’ve had good luck there.) Shoes by Biviel. Total side note: I heart the way my bottom looks in these pants — I should get a picture of that. For posterity. : )

Mom, you can see lots more photos here.

What about you Dear Readers? Seen any great maternity clothes lately? How do you like to dress when you’re expecting — are you all about comfort? Do you incorporate non-maternity pieces into your wardrobe?


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  1. You look so great! You've got that perfect pregnant body…so cute! I really love the tie around the waist idea that you wore in the ALT pics and featured here. So creative + quirky but still very stylish.

    { Lindsey }

  2. That sweater with the pockets and then that other wrap sweater thing? I. Die. Please tell me you didn't buy those items at Mimi Maternity or something because then I really might die.

    So cute.

  3. i love the purple tights. i felt like i had to hide when i was pregnant but i like how you flaunt it- if i have another baby i'd like to think i'll be more proud :)

  4. I have that gray wrap sweater – what are you using to pin it shut like that? I like that you wrapped it all the way around like that.

  5. Thanks for sharing your style. I love the use of the bright tie with the tailored outfit. Just darling, quirky, and professional. You are five weeks ahead of me, I hope you are feeling well.

  6. I super love that sweater and dress! Looks modest yet modern! I loved dressing up at this stage in my pregnancy as well. It was around 34 weeks when everything fell apart and all I could wear was sweat pants. But I definitely enjoyed this 20-30 week period. Great for fashion! You pull it off with fabulous style!

  7. Cute, cute cute! I dressed like a complete bum with my little guy :) It was a very hot TN summer! Next time around I'm going to invest a little in buying a couple of fashionable outfits so I won't feel like a blimp!

  8. I think I'm just about 1 week ahead of you. Thanks for the ideas and helping me think outside the maternity box. Maternity dressing is a challenge, because your body is constantly changing, and what worked well one week, might not the next.

  9. lol totally thought you were gonna say 'for posterior's sake' instead of posterity hahhaha

    i love when you take pics (of anyone in the family) by that window! it gives the best light!

    coolest. pregnant woman. EVER.

  10. You look so great! Waaayyyy way cuter than I ever do when I'm pregnant. I guess I just get so uncomfortable I stop caring. But maybe if I cared, I'd feel more comfortable. Hmmm. There's a thought. Good luck with those last 15 weeks!

  11. Loooooooove the Gap maternity dress with the Nine West boots and the tie around the waist idea is amazing! Good for you for being pregnant AND fashionable!

  12. You look so stylish! I love that most of your clothes are affordable and easily available, too.

    I almost bought that ski sweater from Gap but I thought it made me look pregnant.

  13. I'm 15 weeks prego and was just lamenting the fact that I'm not looking forward to dragging out my old maternity stuff again. {Only 2nd pregnancy…so what am I complaining about?} But these outfits give me some great ideas–sometimes it's the little things that can make the difference. Like belts and bright tights. Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. You definitely look great! I think I am a little challenged in that area… I think my biggest problem is that I carry really, really, really low, but you probably carry at least a little low since this is your 6th? My babies will never ever be transverse because there is no room in my pelvis. I am a week or two behind you, and someone asked me if I was due next month!! (Seriously….I feel this baby move in my groin!! Oh and I started wearing a support belt at about 20 weeks…)

    The problem is I only gain right in front so I quickly outgrow maternity tops in my size and the next size up….but the big stuff looks like a sack because the rest of me doesn't gain (I am tiny like you). I most definitely wear maternity pants (the bella band would never work…I'm so low and straight in front). This time around I have had great success with maternity leggings and a dress because the dress will actually cover me and not look like a sack. I definitely accessorize with non-maternity items, but I don't seem to be able to pull off tops or pants that aren't maternity because of the watermelon growing in me! If you have any suggestions, I am all ears!!!

  15. Oh! You look fantastic. I LOVE the tuxedo jacket with the tie. Love it.

    I splurged on some gorgeous Isabella Oliver pieces with my last pregnancy (on super-sale), then sold them on e-bay when finished. I wound up making all of my money back. It felt great to be really stylish whilst pregnant, AND the clothes had the added bonus of being super-comfortable. It was a win-win-win!

  16. You look amazing!
    I went to H&M; and Forever 21 and found heaps of tops and dresses with empire waists, bought them in size L, and paired them with maternity leggings from target.com. I really only bought maternity jeans and leggings… the rest was thanks to current trends! The style gods were kind to me this pregnancy :)

  17. I was just hoping for this post yesterday!! I am in that in-between stage where maternity stuff is a bit big and ballooney, but my usual wardrobe doesn't fit. As my coworkers enjoy pointing out, I 'definitely have a belly now.' I don't know what to wear!!! My favorites are the tops that are still slim-fit but generous in the abdomen and fall low across the hips. I usually have good luck with Old Navy Maternity. I like to have pants that are still 'skinny' because I have extra-long toothpick legs and no hips. Regular maternity-store pants are always too curvy and too short! I can still wear my ultra-low-rise Candies skinny jeans (on weekends), when I can find a top that covers my WHOLE belly. If I buy anything new for this pregnancy, I want it to be versatile – something I can wear when not pregnant too!

  18. why don't you look adorable. i heart all your looks, especially the black suit with a tie as an accent/belt.
    hmm. when I am preggars I dress casual and comfy. with my first boy i wore dresses all the time, with my second a mixture since I was bigger in the winter than before.

  19. Great looks! I'm not pregnant, but I did try that sweater on at The Gap. It made me look like I was drowning in fabric – you are very lucky to have a crown of curls to balance out that giant cowl neck!

  20. Fab. I'm just a smidge behind you on the pregnancy train (although, I'm thinking I'm a bit larger). I love these outfit ideas. I can recreate most of them from my closet–although I didn't have the imagination to put them together.

  21. Seriously, you are the most stylish pregnant woman I've ever seen! Inspiration to many.

    I was pregnant in the warmer months, so ended up wearing dresses and skirts a lot. My favorite was a simple white skirt and a light green tank with eyelet trim. Not necessarily chic, but fresh, sweet, and COMFORTABLE. And for some reason, I felt able to move beyond my comfort zone and try prints and styles I wouldn't before. It was fun!

  22. My babies were all born in the
    70's with my youngest born in
    1981. Choices of maternity clothes waaay back then were pants with the big stretchy panel in front and smock tops. Nothing like the adorable clothes available now.
    You Gabby are absolutely adorable!!
    Hmmm…my security word is "exema". The spellings off but I still feel itchy! ;)

  23. I was always jealous of well-dressed pregnant women like yourself! You look great. Somehow I spent the last 3 months in a pair of black old navy sweat pants…I vow to do better next time!

    Your red heels are killer.

  24. I love the new trend with long t-shirts in that softer than soft fabric. They are so comfortable and the length makes it possible to wear before, during and after pregnancy. I also often take advantage of low rise pants – at least until my baby drops which, with numbers three and four, was at around 6 months.

    I do love maternity clothes – esp tailored looks (like the swanky tan dress you were wearing).

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