A Few Things

We’re in the car, on our way to Copper Mountain for a ski weekend. The drive through the Rockies to the ski resorts is gorgeous. (The entire state of Colorado is gorgeous.) And this will be 3-year-old Betty’s first time on skis — I hope she loves it.

What are you doing this weekend? Anything fun? Here are some links to help you celebrate till Monday:

-The NY Public Library has a flickr page? Oh. I could get lost here. via Swissmiss.

Supermarket Sarah has the coolest shop ever. Right in her house. Would you ever do this?

-NotMartha shares some photos of what has caught her eye lately. I LOVE this glimpse into her thoughts.

-Liz spotted some really amazing jewelry. Worth several visits to admire.

-What? A Daily Ampersand Project? Happiness. Via Greedy Girl.

-Blushing. Eliza Magazine featured me in their Best Bloggers article.

-Lunch with Seth Godin to benefit Haiti — thanks to Startup Princess. Only a week away.

-Look at the pretty little heart made of metal on these diecut Valentine cards.

-While I prepare this post, my older kids are watching Project Runway. I’m really enjoying this season. What do you think. Are you glad they’re back in New York?

Oooooh. The talented Nate Berkus is offering free Twitter Backgrounds. New designs each month.

-Online photo classes from the amazing Nicole Hill starting right away.

-My sister Jordan has been sharing photos of her newly redesigned living room.

Friends, wish us luck on the ski slopes and have a terrific weekend. Don’t forget to enter my lovely giveaway from Baby Bear Shop. There are luscious lip balm kissing kits(!) to get you ready for Valentine’s Day. Three winners will be announced on Monday.


10 thoughts on “A Few Things”

  1. While we wont be skiing, we are expecting a lot of snow this weekend. We are settling in for a family weekend of fire, hot chocolate and rosy cheeks.

  2. I wish I was up in the mountains this weekend (no thanks to work). I hope your young one loves "pizza french fries" on the bunny hill!
    Thanks for the tip on the NY Public Library Flickr page!
    Enjoy the weekend!

  3. I'm in Maryland where we're laughing at ourselves, the entire region has braced for "Snow-pocolypse 2010", expecting 20-28 inches. So my newlywed husband and I have a list of fun meals to make together, and I'll be catching Project Runway on-demand. I think this season has been great. nice work being made. loved the potato sack challenge!

  4. Oh, wish we were in Colorado right now…down here in Florida where it's usually warm in the winter. Would love to see snow! Love your blog, keep up the good work.

  5. We were at Copper Mountain right before Christmas. Snow could have been better, but we go with a large group and it has enough greens, blues, and blacks to keep everyone happy. Hope y'all had a great trip.

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