How To Grow Your Own Wheat Grass

Have you ever planted wheat grass for the spring holidays? It’s super easy and gratifying, and a lovely little ritual to welcome the new season. Sometimes I plant wheat grass to be used as a centerpiece. Other times as spring decor for our entry table. One year I planted it in Easter Baskets. It takes about 8-11 days to fill out and look lawn-like, so think about when you will want it on display and then count backwards to find the best planting day (sometime this week will be ideal if you’re aiming for Easter).

Here are my easy directions:
-Fill and level your container with potting soil. Leave about an inch of space at the top.
-Place an even layer of wheat kernels on the soil. It should be a pretty solid layer with only a little bit of dirt showing.
-Water daily. Keep the soil pretty moist. For a 6-inch container, I pour in a glass of water each morning.

That’s it. You’ll see sprouts in about 48 hours. And grass in about a week. The wheat won’t look great for ever — some people trim it with scissors to extend it’s life — but I prefer to just replant. (You can also juice it if you’re into that!)

A note about containers:
I’ve had success planting wheat grass in all sorts of containers, as long as I’m considerate of drainage. I’ve planted in metal buckets with no drainage holes, using a couple inches of foam peanuts underneath the soil. I’ve planted in glass containers, lining the bottom couple of inches with pretty pebbles. And I’ve planted in traditional ceramic containers with built in drainage holes.

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48 thoughts on “How To Grow Your Own Wheat Grass”

  1. I have done this right in my kids’ Easter Baskets. I used crumpled up newspaper to raise the planting bed. Then, a layer of plastic wrap, a soaking wet paper towel. Place the wheat directly on the paper towel. No dirt involved. It works!

  2. My girls always love to grow plants, and I’ve been wanting to try this sometime. Thanks for the tips. Also, I would love to know where you got your wheat in bulk? I live in CT, near the NY border, so not far from you, so if it is anywhere in the NY metro area, I would love to know! THanks so much!

  3. gabby, you have read my mind. i’ve been thinking for a few months now that a silver planter with grass would look cool on my table for a spring center piece. awesome! i will definitely be coming over sometime soon for some seeds. we’re off to ikea today to hopefully find a planter… unless you have any other ideas of where i should look for one.

  4. Gosh, I haven’t planted wheat grass in a few years. I grew tired of it after doing it for several years in a row. I think it’s time to bring it back, though. Your displays cause me to reminisce!

  5. Liz, I’ve actually had my wheat since before I moved to New York. It seems to last forever. Sorry. If I here of a local source, I’ll certainly share the info.

    Sara, Ikea will no doubt have tons of great options.

    VFG, absolutely.

  6. I love to do this too!! Ikea has some GREAT orange and blue planters right now…for under 5 dollars…

    Time to plant the grass…

  7. —>"Apparently you can also juice it. But in my life, its beauty benefits outweigh its health benefits."

    WHAT???!? apparently you haven't read anything about how nutritious wheatgrass is for you! You would be stupid to ignore it's benefits. Seriously!! Don't be stubborn! go read up on it and learn that the body can possibly heal itself of CANCER if you feed it right. Trust me, you will increase your feeling of health when you've been consuming the juice, among other greens too. I suggest this book, you can find it used on Amazon for less than $10. Wheatgrass Nature's Finest Medicine – The Complete Guide to Using Grasses to Revitalize Your Health -by Steve Meyerowitz.

  8. Do you think this is a grass that would be good for cats to eat? I always see the expensive grass in the stores for cats, but this would be a great (cheaper) alternative! Unless this is already what they use in the pet stores…

  9. Cat grass is simply wheat/oat grass, and would absolutely be fine for your felines.

    I love wheatgrass. I used to drink it every morning instead of coffee, it provided a much better and longer lasting energy boost! Tastes a little intense, but if you chase it/mix it with other fresh fruit juices it goes down easier. Just don’t try to drink it on an empty stomach!

  10. Thanks for the tip! I’m going to have to stop by a health store to pick some up [I’d love to come over and pick some up from you but I think I live a tad too far from you!]. This will be perfect for a shower that I’m helping out with a few weeks.

  11. I grow this for my cat to eat! He seems to like it a lot more than my other houseplants. The cat grass kits they sell at pet stores are just wheat, oat, sometimes barley or rye seeds. If you don’t have a health food store nearby, the bulk section at Whole Foods usually has wheat berries.

  12. I plant a new pot full every 3 weeks for my cats. They love the stuff. Plus its cheaper than buying the stuff in the pet stores. Reading the labels and the so called catnip grass is oat and wheat seeds mixed.

  13. how fun. i’m going to plant some tomorrow. we have loads of wheat and this will be a fun project to do with the kids. I need some green inside my house and this will be perfect.

  14. Where did you get that great planter that reads. "plant?" I have been looking for a long rectangular planter for my dinning room table for a while now?

  15. Yes! We planted wheat grass last year around this time. It was very successful for us. I used 3 pretty glass containers and they sat in my living room making things feel so springy. We used a juicer and added the wheat grass to smoothies or drank little shots of it for a little extra health boost.

  16. We did this last week for the first time ever. I used a long narrow glass planter, my kiddos are loving being able to watch ‘underground’ and checkout the roots!

  17. we planted ours today… I’m doing it so that I can use it in place of that Easter grass I dread cleaning up every year! :) (We have buckets, and I planted the wheat in those little clear plastic trays you set under your plants? We’ll probably water with a squirt bottle since my dirt is thin and there isn’t any way to drain.

  18. Thanks for the reminder. We’ve been so busy making no-bake chocolate nests with eggs and chicks (which I’ve posted about today) that I forgot about all the other Easter things we could be making. Off to buy the wheat today!

  19. I didn’t have these easy instructions and put a thin layer of potting soil over the wheat berries. Do you think it will still grow?

  20. You know, I am not even a mom BUT I keep finding so many useful and adorable ideas on your website that I keep coming back time and time again.
    I am actually a scientist and am currently studying how plastic degrades and its effect on the envirionment. Turns out I have a LOT OF EXTRA WHEATGRASS lying around in the lab and now I know exactly what t do with it :) yay.
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    Happy Easter Everyone!

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