What to Wear to Middle School

Following is a glimpse of what Ralph (7th grade) and Maude (6th grade) are wearing to middle school this year. I’ll update with sources asap.

UPDATE: You can find sources below.

button down by Land’s End, tee from his closet (it’s by Small Paul, purchased from Juvie), jeans by Levis, Vans from his closet (purchased at Zappos)

florescent pink tee by Justice, skirt from TJ Maxx, leggings from Old Navy, Converse are hand me downs from Ralph

tee by Land’s End, distressed denim by Abercrombie, Adidas from Zappos

stripe tee and grey hoodie from Old Navy, denim from Justice

trippindicular tee from Juvie

cardigan, tee and shorts from Target (this was our biggest bargain outfit — all 3 pieces were $11 total), belt from Mom’s closet, bracelet by H&M

graphic tee from Macy’s, layering tee from his closet (purchased at Peek…Aren’t You Curious), cargo shorts by GapKids

fedora by H&M, cowlneck top from TJMaxx, tulle skirt from her closet (purchased at Gymboree), houndstooth leggings from Target, sequin ballet flats by Justice

Button-down by Abercrombie, white Converse from Zappos

Button-down from TJ Maxx, denim skirt from her closet (purchased at TJ Maxx), tie on visor from Twirling Betty

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  1. I am visiting from 5Min4Mom. I like your blog. I was trying to click on the subscription link but it does not seem to be working. The link in the welcome and the link on the far right both seem to be not working.

  2. so sad that i didn’t look even remotely this cute when i was in school. though i guess grunge wouldn’t really look great on anyone, but still. so fun!

  3. No no no, some stylish little kids you have! Love Ralph’s laidback cool style and Maude looks like she just got out a page of J.Crew’s catalogue ;) Great outfits!

  4. I don’t know why I love these series so much, of what your kids wear to school. It remind me of my school going days, maybe. It’s just tender. I love these posts.

  5. She’s the spitting image of you! Great style…what I wore in 6th and 7th grade was so unflattering and downright embarrassing. Thankfully your kids have you to help them steer clear of fashion faux pas.

  6. Sandra Gonzales

    Wow, you can really tell that Maude’s little face has changed since last year’s fifth grade pictures. My daughter is 11 yrs old too and it’s like witnessing a miracle to see how much she’s changed. I am so thankful that I am blessed to be a mother.

  7. I LOVE their outfits! Super stylish! My question though is about the pillow on your couch…the linen/green tile print one….where did you get it? It is just perfect for my living room that is in the works….I simply have to have it!

  8. I always look forward to this post. Your kids are always highly fashionable, yet age appropriate. They look fantastic. Most definitely inspiring.

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. I always promised myself I wouldn’t fuss over baby clothes, yet here I am with a 7 week old and I have to catch myself when I walk past clothing shops. Your kids look great. They have miles more style that I ever will!

  10. Adorable clothes but with 6 kids how on earth do you find the time to shop from so many different stores and online sites? I try to streamline shopping to one or two places…but then again I have boys who aren’t the least bit interested in fashion!

  11. I keep saying I need Tim Gunn to help me shop, (I’m missing that girl gene – thank heavens I only have 4 boys to buy for) but I think I need you and your children to help instead. :-)

  12. middle school? my 8-year-old has been wearing that fedora around for weeks…and it will be featured in our blue lily photoshoot in October….your June portraits pushed me over the edge to hire them, thank you very much.

  13. Urgh im in middle school and anyone who wore any of these things would be considered a SOCIAL DISASTER! Kids these days wear hollister, abercrobie, american eagle, and stuff like that! NOT GAP

  14. why is a on this site in the firstplace key word is MOM.i j’adore their outfits everyone should not follow the same trnd

  15. I love this post and your blog. I just found you through Momoir on Facebook.
    We are going to France soon with the kids – mon dieu! I’m a bit nervous about French etiquette and my kids … but if you can do it with SIX, wow. My chapeau is off to you.
    Looking forward to reading more. (-:

  16. I would like to compliment you for buying your child cute, age appropriate clothing that actually cover your children’s major body parts. As a MS teacher I have to spend valuable teaching time being the clothes police. You have proven they can look good, cool, and clothed!

  17. I am a grandmother of 7 raising 2 girls 13&9 and 2 boys 11&9, When my kids were small they were in uniforms in Baltimore,We live in NC now so shopping for clothes is a headache,esp the 13 yr old who would like to let it all hang out,The fathers of the 9&11 yr old boys did their school shopping which was wonderful since they dress them like they dress themselves.My hats are off to the dads.The nine yr old dresses like your daughter, loves her TuTu’s and leggings and sparkly shoes,hats and purses. She likes TJMax,Marshalls and JCP.Keep up the good work

  18. Cute kids and photos. I have 13 and 11 year old girls. My 11 year old can often be seen in the skirt/ leggings duo, and they’re both into skinny jeans. My 8 year old boy has only recently began caring – begging for the new “in” osiris shoes that “everyone” is wearing.


    um.. by the way u can’t wear shorts unless they are up to ur knee so… ill just put some skinny jeans n kick it up

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