What to Wear to Middle School

Following is a glimpse of what Ralph (7th grade) and Maude (6th grade) are wearing to middle school this year. I’ll update with sources asap.

UPDATE: You can find sources below.

button down by Land’s End, tee from his closet (it’s by Small Paul, purchased from Juvie), jeans by Levis, Vans from his closet (purchased at Zappos)

florescent pink tee by Justice, skirt from TJ Maxx, leggings from Old Navy, Converse are hand me downs from Ralph

tee by Land’s End, distressed denim by Abercrombie, Adidas from Zappos

stripe tee and grey hoodie from Old Navy, denim from Justice

trippindicular tee from Juvie

cardigan, tee and shorts from Target (this was our biggest bargain outfit — all 3 pieces were $11 total), belt from Mom’s closet, bracelet by H&M

graphic tee from Macy’s, layering tee from his closet (purchased at Peek…Aren’t You Curious), cargo shorts by GapKids

fedora by H&M, cowlneck top from TJMaxx, tulle skirt from her closet (purchased at Gymboree), houndstooth leggings from Target, sequin ballet flats by Justice

Button-down by Abercrombie, white Converse from Zappos

Button-down from TJ Maxx, denim skirt from her closet (purchased at TJ Maxx), tie on visor from Twirling Betty

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  1. I wish I’d had such a good sense of style when I was in middle school. And Maude looks so much like you in that photo with the houndstooth leggings!

  2. OK, I have to ask. Do they pick out all of they own clothes and put together themselves, or with your help. Either way, I am totally jealous. I wish I could raid both of their closets for myself!

  3. Looks like you have some real trend setters… Our mornings involve no fashion contemplation as Paris just has to put on the same uniform each day – well actually there is a summer uniform (lime green) and a winter uniform (white long sleeve button up shirt, navy tunic and navy blazer and tie). A bit cumbersome when they need to change into there sports uniform! I have to admit though that removing the What will I wear? question? makes getting ready in the morning a breeze.
    Love the outfits your kids have this year.

  4. Oh how I wish my 7th grade daughter would wear that cute tutu, leggings, sparkle shoes and fedora! Her “uniform” is skinny jeans (some ripped and some acid washed), 70’s bellbottoms, rock t-shirts, and converse sneakers in various colors! She does have her own style which I do admire, though. She accessorizes with guitar pick necklaces, leather bracelets and a shaggy 70’s haircut. Yes, she is a rock-chick!! I love her individuality but a dress/skirt once in a while would be nice, wouldn’t it??

  5. LOVE the long cardigan with orange belt – I’ve been trying to pull off belts over clothes for quite some time with no luck. And the sequin flats are too cute.

  6. I just got those Vans for my two year old. I adore them, and he does, too! The baby got the plaid version. Just seeing those little shoes next to the door makes me grin.

  7. I could have used a mom like you when I stumbled into 7th grade in my brother’s cargo shorts, knee high soccer socks, Saucony tennies and a fun-run tee shirt. More slouch than style, I’m afraid. Luckily, I’ve learned a thing or two…but still never look quite as haute as Maude!

  8. Your kids are so fashionable, I am a middle school teacher so I know they are going to be HIP! (wait is hip not a cool word?) They are going to be Epic! There that’s better.

  9. oh, so much style and cuteness all in one! a big thank you to ralph & maude for allowing their design mom to share her design kids!

  10. Had to smile when I saw Ralph’s blue shoes – and show my hubby. He used to wear shoes like that when we were dating – 18 or so years ago!

    Good choice Ralph!

  11. So great, love their style, my 2 girls have a great sense of style, too, but they “get” to wear uniforms to school. Lucky me, it’s cheaper:)

  12. Gabrielle, I especially love Maude’s easy style. She looks so confident and comfortable for being in 6th grade!! Yes, I agree w the above post; my parents had the same (matching) blue ADIDAS shoes when I was little.

  13. Gabby, these clothes are spectacular! Very hip but totally age appropriate. I just discovered some great shoes that are really similar to Converse, but are slightly funky and are eco-friendly, made from recycled car tires. My girls get so many compliments on them… you should check them out. The brand is Simple – and you can find them at pretty much any online shoe store, but shoes.com has them and you can use a 15% off coupon (code 15OFF) plus get free shipping. Here are a few styles we love:

    We have the Ebony:



    And how great is this for mom?


  14. How much influence do you have in what they buy/wear? My kids (7th, 6th and 4th) have very strong opinions on their individual styles and won’t sway. While I appreciate the independence, I wish they were open-minded to try new things! Like fedoras! Or mixing a tee shirt, tulle skirt, houndstooth and sparklie shoes!!!! More than style, it’s an attitude that will serve them well. Great post.

  15. Oh how I love this post! My daughter just started a public middle school after being in a private school for 6 years. This is the first year we have gotten to go shop for “real” clothes because she wore the traditional plaid jumpers, skirts, etc since she started kindergarten. She’s got a style of her own and it sure shows when she picks out her clothes for each day of school.

  16. Wow! They are just too, too cool!! I love that they are so stylish at such young ages…and wearing things that are so spunky and reflective of their own personalities. Middle school is such a difficult age; the fact that your kids are self-confident, creative, and mature enough to express themselves this way (rather than simply wearing exactly the same thing as their peers) is such a great reflection of your parenting and values. Inspiring, as always!

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