What to Wear to 8th Grade – Euro Edition

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Hello, Friends! Are you ready for the annual series of What to Wear to School posts? I hope so. Because here they come! Ralph is first. Maude and Olive’s photos will be posted soon. Oscar and Betty’s will get posted as soon as we get some photos taken. : )

Ralph was very pleased when his school wardrobe came together. He said it looked more French and that he would fit right in clothes wise. What do you think? Do they look Euro to you? Would your 8th grader wear similar clothes?

P.S. – You can find the whole What to Wear series here.

– Tan scarf by DPAM (worn by Oscar here).
– Striped blue henley, dark denim jeans, stripey socks, faded chambray shirt, green kakhis by H&M Kids. Belt from H&M Kids (2 years ago).
– Grey sneakers by Superga.
– White canvas sneakers by Puma.
– Grey zip hoodie sweater by Z Kids.
– Faded jeans, solid henley, blue v-neck sweater by Zara Kids.
– Black coat by Quicksilver.
– Glasses by Warby Parker.
– Undershirts by Petit Bateau.
– Headphones by Snoop Dogg for Skullcandy.
– Watch by Nixon.

73 thoughts on “What to Wear to 8th Grade – Euro Edition”

  1. The clothes definitely look French/Euro. However, those white sneakers are decidedly American! As a Canadian, white sneakers are an a-typical US fashion crime. LOL
    Great outfits!

  2. As an Upper School teacher I can attest that your kids are far better dressed than the students I see every day! And I wish I was as inventive with clothes as Maude!
    Happy School year–

  3. Ralph looks so handsome…I have an 8th grader and this is the first year that he is not wearing a uniform. And he wore shorts, t-shirt and black nike socks and nike frees. When I picked him up the first day I arrived quite early and he fit right in….in fact I almost missed him in the sea of middle school boys all wearing the same thing.

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