Waving hello from Bern, Switzerland! It is jaw-droppingly beautiful. Gasps escape us at every turn.

We walked through Old Town this morning. Did a little back-to-school shopping. Listened to, and watched, the famous clock chime. Swam in the Aare River (hands down the prettiest river I’ve ever seen). Then picked up sandwiches for lunch.

Now we’re at our laptops, while the kids settle down for the afternoon with a movie. Stay tuned, because I have a fun giveaway for you today!

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17 thoughts on “Switzerland”

  1. I visited Swittzerland and Bern for the first time when I was 17.
    I fell in love forever.
    Bern is just as you say–so beautiful.
    I hope to experience it with my kids one day as you are with yours.
    Thanks for the wonderful memories!
    Love from,

  2. I love Switzerland – such a beautiful country! My whole body sighed at the thought of swimming in the river – heaven!

  3. Also a huge fan of Bern and Switzerland! So clean! So organized! So expensive!

    I second the recommendation for Interlaken, and just hiking anywhere in that region. It’s nice to go into the mountains and pretend you are Heidi!

  4. wow! can’t believe you finally made it to CH! I am in Thun (the charming little town mentioned above). If you need a tour guide, i am at your disposal. I will be in Bern tomorrow friday, are you hanging out anywhere in particular? I would love an opportunity for a quick snapshot!

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