Olive Us Episode 7: How To Buy Eggs from a Petite Farm

Here’s the latest from Olive Us! Join Betty, Olive & Maude as they visit our French neighbor to buy eggs.

Bonjour hens and roosters!

13 thoughts on “Olive Us Episode 7: How To Buy Eggs from a Petite Farm”

  1. Hi Gabby! Would you ever consider doing an episode where your children speak French? I’ve loved the episodes that involved talking, and hearing their French would be really fun!

  2. I look forward to these videos. They are so adorable. Love the star tights and boots! Do they have those tights in mommy sizes?

  3. I will show this episode to my four year old daughter in the morning. She’ll love it!

    And I can’t help but thinking that this is the ideal surrounding for children to grow up. Makes me always feel a bit guilty about us living in city apartment.

  4. I hardly ever comment…. usually just blog stalk, but I just had to tell you and your family that I love your Olive Us videos. I am a teacher and love the dedication and time you take to encourage their creativity. Your children are really unique and it shows in their fun videos. I enjoy watching your videos and anticipate what you all will come up with next. What a beautiful way to capture your time in France. These videos will be priceless in years to come.

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