Photo Shoot with Maude for Westchester Magazine

I was interviewed this week about Design Mom by a local magazine, Westchester Parent, and they asked for a photo.

Lucky for me, I have access to very talented photographers. In this case, Travis Stratford of Studio Case hooked me up with some great shots. The Stratfords even let me stage the shot on their super-fine sofa.

We originally settled on the second one, but I really like how Maude’s feet come into focus on the first one. So I sent it instead. A little too avante garde? What say you?

And how do you like that it’s a total Mac shout out?

Thank you, Travis and Sara!!

21 thoughts on “Photo Shoot with Maude for Westchester Magazine”

  1. Thanks, Laura.

    I told Ben after the photo shoot that how I look in my head has little relation to how I look in reality. When did I get so much hair? And I think of myself as a thinnish sort of person, but I’ve apparently developed very attractive jowls? Hmmmm.

  2. Gabby, I love both pictures, but I think you look stunning in the top picture, and I can definitely see my mom when she was young in you in that picture.

    Both great. Maude’s a doll, of course.

  3. maybe you could do a post on macs. i just don’t get the cultish love many mac users have for their computers. honestly, unless you are a PROFESSIONAL photographer, graphics designer or film maker, is a mac worth all that extra money? (have you seen how cheap dells are?) i’m not trying to offend, i really want to understand.

  4. I think you made the right choice…the in focus mac and the out of focus faces of photo #1 reinforces the idea of the mysterious genius behind the blog. We don’t know the WHOLE Mom, just the Design part of her mind.

    And yes, Katie, a Mac IS worth the extra money! But unfortunately, I am typing this on a cheap Dell. (Long live Mac!) But I think you have a good idea…do a post on Macs, Design Mom!

  5. Gabby, you look gorgeous! Love the hair. Is there any way we can see the article when it’s finished? You deserve some recognition for your totally cool blog!

  6. I love the pictures! Thanks for sharing them, and I hope you can share the article with us all somehow. Your blog is awesome!

    By the way, Katie, I never understood the huge following Mac has until we bought one. We’ve had two laptops and now have a desktop as well. They are definitely worth it (and no I’m not a graphic designer or anything like that). I would never go back. Macs are so user friendly. I just love them. If you have a local Apple store, you should go check them out. Not to mention that the Apple stores are so much fun! :) (I’m not trying to push my views on you or anything here – just saying I love my little Mac!)

  7. i love that i got mentioned by name in your post! sweet. once again, i’m almost famous. it was fun seeing you guys last night… but you need to bring m- over just to play. my kids were bummed she had to leave so fast.

    rebecca, glad you like the couch. it’s pretty much the only furniture we have so far. when do we get to see pics of your new house?

  8. I wasn’t sure which girl was you from the Martha Stewart photo. I’m glad I know now so I can visualize the face behind all the awesomeness.

  9. I vote for photo #1. The child is more in focus, the mom less, making a Major Commentary on mothers, motherhood. Love those bare feet.

    The Mac symbol does dominate.

    xoxo Mom

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