Painted Bricks For The Garden — Easy Craft Project!

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We found a small collection of random bricks in the backyard from the previous owner and wanted to use them somehow. With a little paint and those random bricks, I worked with my kids to create a fun cityscape in my favorite hues — berry reds!

This project is ideal for children. The painting can be done outside! Also, painting bricks does not require precise painting. Again, hooray! Just let the kids paint. They will love it. An adult can go back later and add the details. There is no right or wrong and the details can be really, really simple.

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Don’t have loose bricks or cinderblocks laying around? Check places like Craig’s List for reclaimed building supplies, or head to your local home and garden store — and feel free to bring your kids. There are so many options, they will definitely love picking out their own “houses”.

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– collection of bricks, pavers, and cinderblocks
acrylic paints and brushes — colors for the brick, colors for the details
paint pens, optional
clear coat, optional

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Make sure the bricks are dirt-free and dry. Paint the bricks. One coat is typically enough, if the paint is good quality. Add as many coats as you think necessary.

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Use more paint (or a paint pen) to add house and building details. You can copy the ones I’ve made here, or design your own.

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If you’re nervous, draw out the details on paper first for a reference. And don’t worry if you mess up — you can always repaint!

The last step is optional: If you’ll be using outdoors in a place they will be subjected to the elements, seal with a clear coat like a clear spray paint. Allow to fully dry.

Want to use them indoors? Use hot glue to attach felt on the bottom side or the bottom and back side to prevent the brick from scratching indoor surfaces.

painted-bricks 1

Arrange and enjoy!


I can picture these on a porch or patio or sunroom, constantly being rearranged — almost like outdoor building blocks for the kids. And I can picture them directly in the garden — like a little gnome village — with plants growing up around them.

I think the reds would look lovely in contrast with green plants, but I also think making these in a variety of colors would be a really fun way to add some excitement to a boring patch of the yard — maybe a shadowy spot where flowers don’t do as well.

Do you find yourself gravitating toward little villages? The kind people put out for the holidays? Or even toy village sets? I love them! I feel like when I’m shopping for travel souvenirs, I’m drawn to items that reflect that local architecture. How about you?

P.S. — Simple cement candle holders.

Project by Amy Christie for Design Mom.

15 thoughts on “Painted Bricks For The Garden — Easy Craft Project!”

  1. Such a cute idea! We just finished building a raised garden bed to plant vegetables this year, and since I want my 4-year-old daughter to “help” and be a part of the garden process, this would be a great little side project to add outdoor art around the raised bed. Perfect for the few odds-and-ends bricks we’ve got lying around!

  2. This is a really cute idea. We just finished putting pavers around our courtyard beds and have quite a few extra that now I actually can put to good use! My daughter is going to love this project – I’m thinking she is going to want to design little animal house village:)

  3. “Do you find yourself gravitating toward little villages? … I feel like when I’m shopping for travel souvenirs, I’m drawn to items that reflect that local architecture. How about you?” = YES! Over the years, I’ve picked up beautiful ‘little village’ wall plaques in Brussels, palest porcelain tea light houses Amsterdam, and little model cities at Muji stores (always!). There’s just something so lovely about bringing home a bit of beautiful architecture as Object d’Art to remind you of where you’ve been. And Fun!

  4. Hi, yes, I now own some miniture” shops”. A florist shop for me, a bookshop for Graham and a cafe to share. This was 5 years ago on our first trip to Paris. I still carefully look after them on a side table in the loungeroom.

  5. Love this! I did a patio project last year and have a bunch of leftover bricks.
    And I so need something where the kids can paint outside. I actually have been collecting a few projects that require painting outside!
    Thank you for this – we are all excited about it!

  6. I saw the post title before the pictures downloaded and what a fun surprise. You – always w the cool ideas!

  7. I shall make some in the morning with my grandchildren who are having a sleepover with us tonight.
    They can take them home to welcome their new baby sister, born this afternoon :)
    Thank you – such a fab idea xx

  8. What a wonderful idea! We’ve been hard at work in our garden these past few weeks and I’ve been trying to think up some cute art additions to add. These are perfect — and the kids will be happy to contribute!

  9. So, here in HK we are all apartment living and have no yard… so no bricks in no garden. But I really wanted to do something like a village for my littles. We hang on to shipping boxes from the online stuff I buy and use them for building forts since she was 6 months (she just liked to knock em down then). So I used the boxes! I wrapped them in butcher paper and used a red marker to print on them. I’d love to share the picture but how do I do it?

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