8th Annual Blair Christmas Recital

I LOVE our annual Christmas Recital. It started when we were pretty newly married, and it occurred to us how many of our friends happened to be excellent musicians, so why not host a Christmas party where everyone performs? The trained musicians perform something impressive and the rest of us perform something. Else. There has been a banjo. There has been an accordian. There was a reading featuring things overheard while window shopping in the city. And another reading of David Sedaris. There was a choreographed dance involving a dog and santa hat. There was a rap. There is usually lots of group singing, because if you haven’t come prepared, you get to pick a carol for everybody to sing together.

It is wonderful to see friends show off talents I never knew existed. And because I’m not an exclusive sort of person, we try to host it as close to Christmas as possible. That way, we can invite everybody who might be remotely interested — way more people than we can actually fit into the house — knowing that half of them will end up leaving town for the holidays.

We’ve held it every year but last year, when I was too darn morning sick to care. And this year, for the first time, we are holding the recital at a wonderful friend’s house, because it’s outgrown our own clumsy space.

Ben and I always give the first performance. We’re pretty bad, but we try to do a real piece — something involving some harmony. Even though we practice, our performance is usually unimpressive. This (hopefully) gives the party a well-if-they-can-stumble-through-that-performance-our-song-will-be-a-piece-of-cake feel.

I’m so looking forward to this party. And so delighted Julie and Bill offered to host it in their beautiful home.

12 thoughts on “8th Annual Blair Christmas Recital”

  1. what a wonderful idea! at first i thought you meant all your kiddoes would be performing, but asking your friends to share their talents, how fun! and a great excuse for a party. :)

  2. fun idea…….
    BTW…did you know the song “Baby it’s cold outside” started out as a song that Frank Loesser (of Guys and Dolls fame) and his wife wrote to sing at a Christmas Party in the 1940’s. They had parties where everyone had to bring a musical number to share…. later it was in a movie…. but… I thought of you when I read that. You guys are so retro (and talented and creative) it HURTS. :-)

  3. can’t tell you how sad we are to miss this! patrick has the perfect mariachi impersonation to perform. the ward talent show just won’t appreciate it. maybe next year we’ll be back in town!

  4. I think this is a marvelous idea.
    As great grandparents, in a new ward, I’ve often felt that no one has any idea we can do anything and there are only a few people who can and willingly do everything. We need to have a recital for us “Out to Pasture” folks! I sat by an older gentleman (meaning my age) in Sacrament meeting and was impressed that he had a gorgeous singing voice. When I commented on it he smiled and said he used to sing solos. I like this idea better than putting people in groups to work out something to perform. Thanks! Grandma B

  5. I think your invites look great! I stumbled across your blog and I get a kick out of your writing – I run my own small design business so I can stay at home with my daughter, and am always looking for clever gift ideas to get my creative juices flowing. Just thought I would say hello! Hello!

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