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Am I allowed to say I’m enjoying my new-found curvy-ness? I can’t pretend I’m truly voluptuous, but when I compare my new B-cups to my usual can’t-fill-an-A-cup-and-boring-hips-self, I feel like I should qualify as a lingerie model. : )

It’s not that my body looks any different this pregnancy (compared to previous pregnancies), I think it’s mostly that this house has a giant mirror right outside the shower so I’m seeing myself nekkid more often. (My lovely new chest caught my eye the other morning and I called out: Ben Blair, come check me out — I’m totally hot!)

This stage of pregnancy is the best for me. The sickness is 95% over. My energy is great. I haven’t ballooned to an unreasonable size yet — so I can still sleep comfortably. Maternity clothes finally fit, so I don’t have to jimmy my pants to try to keep them up. It’s quite lovely.

Ben Blair took these photos yesterday morning while I was getting ready. He pulled out the camera when we realized the only glimpse of my baby belly that had been recorded is in the HP video. We’re going to attempt to get lots of shots from now on.

Are you curvy, Dear Readers? Even when you’re not pregnant? (I think I’m jealous.) Do you like the way you look when you are pregnant?

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  1. You look great!! I am usually curvy and am 17 weeks pregnant right now. My usual B cups swelled to D cups at 7 weeks which took me by surprise. The hardest part was finding a bra to support these wild things when I go jogging.

  2. I'm so NOT curvy, I completely understand your love for your new curves. I loved mine when I was pregnant. Loved them even more when I was breastfeeding!

  3. You look great! I start out curvy so when I'm pregnant I have am an uber earth mama. It's a little cartoonish because I get F (also known as DDD) boobs and a super round out front belly. If you were going to draw me as a stick figure I'd be 4 circles, three the same size: one medium circle head, two medium circle boobs and one big circle for a belly. I love the way I look pregnant!

  4. My husband and I are in the trying stages. I think pregnant women are just stunning!! I have so much to look forward to when it finally happens!! You look fantastic Gabby!! Enjoy!!

  5. I am already busty so being prego just increases this! I feel a bit overwhelmed but I got lots of undies & bras for Christmas so needless to say – my husband loves my body prego.

    You look pretty darn small!!!

  6. I loved my preggo body, and so did my husband. From a B to a double DD (I had to taken my well-endowed cousin shopping for new bras with me because I had no idea where to get one that was actually sufficiently supportive). One day my little 6 year cousin pointed at my belly and then my chest and said "Wow, that's getting bigger than those are!"

  7. Barely a week after my missed period when I got pregnant with Alice my boobs had already moved up a size: from a 34D to a 34DD. Yuck, Cannot find bras that size at all.

    And when I was 8 months pregnant, 4 months ago, a good friend of mine kept telling me he wanted to bone me. Yeah, too bad, married!

  8. I'm pregnant with #4 and due about the same time you are. i chuckled at your son's comments you posted last week. i also have a 4 year old boy and when he hugged me good night last week he said "Mom, your belly is getting PLUMP!" (only he says "bewee" and "pwump"–too cute).

    i'm normally a stick of a skinny girl, so being pregnant means that i actually have to wear a real bra. i also have BIG babies so my belly sticks straight out in front. People in the grocery store expect me to be going into labor any day, and i'm only halfway there! curves? definately!

  9. There are 3 or 4 months of my pregnancies where I feel hotter than ever. I love everything about my body during that time, especially my belly. . because I no longer look at it as fat but cute baby inside. I love being pregnant for those months!

  10. I love the way I looked and felt during all three pregnancies…. it always felt so natural and "me" to be pregnant.

  11. Oh aren't you just the cutest?? I am curvy all the time. However, I am most comfortable in my own skin when I am big and pregnant. It is seriously my favorite time of life.

    Congrats on another girl. They are SO fun to dress! :)

  12. I am 30 weeks along with baby #3, and this is the first time I have felt very UNsexy. I have always wanted six babies, but we are considering this being our last. I can't wait for the birth.

    Reading your readers comments makes me feel better, but I still can't wait to feel like myself again. I have been all over the place.

    I am glad though because this is the first time in my life I have had a booty!

  13. Here I sit, 34 weeks pregnant with baby boy #2. Until now, I liked how I looked. Now I'm just huge and uncomfortable. When I'm not pregnant, I'm curvy. My D cup is now a G or an H…who knows! They will only get bigger when my milk comes in. I have looked pregnant since 13 weeks. But I'm super excited about meeting our son. I'm getting impatient waiting to meet him.

  14. Great pics! I'm envying you the bump and the stripey shirt. I loved being pregnant, the changing shape of my belly, and talking to the boys (knowing exactly where they were for the first and last time!).

    How sad is it that I long to be preggo, so I could wear the cutie clothes they have now?

  15. 35 weeks pregnant and totally love having the curves. I honestly kind of miss it when it all goes away. Well, I shouldn't say all of it… I DO like that part, but the 'fullness' of pregnancy, or the curves, are a lot of fun for me. :) You look great!!

  16. You are so cute when you are pregnant, and I've seen you during FOUR of your pregnancies! I think Ben Blair likes taking shots of your cute tushie! love, Kathryn C.

  17. Your hair is GORGEOUS. I have the same type of curls, but my hair is cut into a graduated bob that has grown out past my shoulders. I serously need a new style! Can you give me some tips on what to describe to my hair stylist to acheive your look?


  18. Your hair is GORGEOUS. I have the same type of curls, but my hair is cut into a graduated bob that has grown out past my shoulders. I serously need a new style! Can you give me some tips on what to describe to my hair stylist to acheive your look?


  19. You are beautiful! My breasts went from AA to a full B and then after a few months of breastfeeding and while STILL breastfeeding, they shrunk back to AAs. I look forward to a B cup with the next one someday. :)

  20. Thank you for sharing your story!! As a flat chested person myself, I can COMPLETELY RELATE!! I’m due for baby #2 in a week. You made my day, I even had to share your link with my other barely A sisters!

  21. I call my new DD bra more of a harness to keep these girls in. I feel very elf consious. I try my best to enjoy this time (its my first pregnancy) but a lot of the times I am afraid ill never have the skinny figure I had before.
    I know that I can do it if I really want to!
    Good luck!

  22. lil pooch mama

    I am pregnant with my second now. AND MY BOOBS ARE COMING BACK. lol. I lost a lot of weight with my first child breastfeeding( from nov 2009, 194 post-baby in the hospital to 126 right before i got pregnant again 2 1/2 months ago). and i miss my voluptuous curves, so does my honey. but here they come again…

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  24. I just saw this posted on Facebook, and I had to comment. Prior to being preggo, I had no curves. Your description of yourself could have been about me. In that nice 2nd tri stage, I felt awesome. I’m working off the chubby-ness now, but my curves seem to be sticking around in the right places. I could get used to that…

  25. You are so adorable! I definitely have the natural curves in all areas pre, during and post pregnancy. So they just go into gigantic mode when I’m preggo. I just got an extra curve in my belly area that I would like to disappear. But that might mean I have to break up with ice cream first.

  26. I can’t believe I missed that you were pregnant again! Congrats and you look fantastic! I am with you on loving the curvyness. Before I was pregnant the only curves I had were minimal butt curves. Then pregancy gave me decent curves everywhere. Then breastfeeding boosted my almost A to a nice B but took away any butt curves I had ever imagined were there. Now I am not curvy at all and I do not like it! Is it terrible to look forward to getting pregnant because of the curves as well as the baby?

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