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Am I allowed to say I’m enjoying my new-found curvy-ness? I can’t pretend I’m truly voluptuous, but when I compare my new B-cups to my usual can’t-fill-an-A-cup-and-boring-hips-self, I feel like I should qualify as a lingerie model. : )

It’s not that my body looks any different this pregnancy (compared to previous pregnancies), I think it’s mostly that this house has a giant mirror right outside the shower so I’m seeing myself nekkid more often. (My lovely new chest caught my eye the other morning and I called out: Ben Blair, come check me out — I’m totally hot!)

This stage of pregnancy is the best for me. The sickness is 95% over. My energy is great. I haven’t ballooned to an unreasonable size yet — so I can still sleep comfortably. Maternity clothes finally fit, so I don’t have to jimmy my pants to try to keep them up. It’s quite lovely.

Ben Blair took these photos yesterday morning while I was getting ready. He pulled out the camera when we realized the only glimpse of my baby belly that had been recorded is in the HP video. We’re going to attempt to get lots of shots from now on.

Are you curvy, Dear Readers? Even when you’re not pregnant? (I think I’m jealous.) Do you like the way you look when you are pregnant?

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  1. I got from an A to a C when pregnant and I really love it! I feel so flat chested most of my life, that it's great to finally feel proportionate, maybe verging slightly on the voluptuous size. Wish I could be a little more curvy sans the belly.

  2. I'm curvy on bottom, not so much on top. :) Being 32 weeks pregnant, I've got new curves! Mostly I love my baby belly, and so does the hubby. (He's so sweet!) I think I love my pregnant body much more than my regular one.

  3. Perfectly beautiful! Makes me want to be pregnant again :) Yes, I agree, that is the best phase of pregnancy! Thanks for sharing your photos with us.

  4. The extra va-va-voom is not quite as fun from the other end of the spectrum. Starting out in the D range means by the time you're done you've reached a point in the alphabet that really shouldn't exist in lingerie.

    1. I have the same issue as Eva. I’m just weaning my baby now and thrilled to be back down to a DD.

      You look fabulous though! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures!

  5. I love the way I look and feel when I'm pregnant. I am not curvy by nature, and being pregnant makes me feel sexy because of those curves. I really missed it when I had my baby. Whenever I find myself feeling baby hungry, I have to remind myself that I just want to be pregnant, and I am not ready for a real baby yet!
    You look great!

  6. You look absolutely gorgeous! You're all belly! I must say, you look fantastic for already have 5 children. Any thoughts on the best ways to get back into shape post baby when you're exhausted?

  7. You look amazing! I'm at the stage where I feel people are wondering, is she pregnant or does she like to eat too much junk food. Thanks to Great Grandma GG & my Grammie I have no problem filling a DD cup when not pregnant. I dread buying my nursing bras, they are always a EE cup. I feel like I'm buying the old lady bras at Walmart. The bras are huge! I will add that my husband quite enjoys this part of my pregnancy ;)

  8. I'm a curvy girl (hourglass shape, but still petite). My husband likes curves which makes me enjoy them a little more as well.
    But I love, love, LOVE, love being pregnant and looking pregnant- and miss it when it's over. The ta-tas go from a perfect C to a FFF, which my husband & I think is gross. haha.

    You truly looks amazing for having 5 children! Congratulations on your pregnancy. All of your posts have me so excited, we just found out we're expecting #3.

  9. You look wonderful! One of my favorite parts of pregnancy and nursing is that I have cleavage!!! At no other time is this possible. My third and last child just weaned and I am back to being extremely flat chested. I don't come close to filling out an A cup. I'm not really sure what to wear in fact. Maybe some other flatties have some suggestions? Please email me if you do!

    Enjoy it!! So glad you are feeling well and good about yourself!

  10. i have to say it-you've got a great tush. i lack any sort of curves when not pregnant, so i am totally appreciative of those curves when i'm pregnant-i feel hot and i LOVE it.

  11. Curvy all the time…I almost think I'd prefer to be less curvy most of the time and just enjoy the curvyness in pregnancy…though my husband may disagree. :)

  12. yes! i love my pregnant body. i love other pregnant bodies (does that sound weird???).

    i'm like you- no cups to speak of. pregnancy makes me want to wear a bikini!

  13. You guys are making me blush. Thank you for the sweet comments, and Eva — you made me laugh! And yay for all those husbands that appreciate our curves.

    Sarah Bradley, that's a great question, I'm going to look for a Guest Mom that could write something about it because I am 100% not qualified. : )

    Jenny, I'm super flat-chested as well. My favorite bras are the Wacoal Petites. I get an AA (which is smaller than an A cup). It comes with padding built in — not too much, just enough so that I look fairly normal. And the bras are quite pretty.

  14. Hello Gorgeous!

    The second trimester is always the best! I always feel beautiful up until the last 6 weeks or so. I think the hormones must contribute to that feeling. It's awesome!

  15. too curvy to begin with so when I am pregnant I feel cartoonish.

    And when I finally deliver and the milk comes in, I feel like a porn star (with a squishy midsection). Not awesome.

    But Hooray for those who love their pregnant selves!

  16. I am also without curves except when I am pregnant and nursing. One fried told me once that she thought I had the perfect figure- until I stopped nursing and she said she felt glad she didn't have to be so jealous anymore. ha.

  17. I am very curvy. Unfortunately, my pregnancy left me a little curvier in a lot of places than I would like. My chest went from a B to a double D. I'm down to a C now, and that I don't mind. What I do mind is the extra 25lbs distributed throughout my hips, thighs, abs, arms, chin… you get the picture. But I loved how I looked pregnant. Well… mostly when I was about 4-5months along and everyone thought I was full term or having twins. After that… "beached whale" I believe is the appropriate term. I'd do it again, though. I love being a mom! :o)

  18. I was curvy to begin with…but I loved my curves when I was prego. By the time I had made it to 17 weeks I was so happy I had only gained 3 and 1/2 lbs…but I had gained FOUR bra sizes. By the time I had the baby and started nursing I was an H….as in Holy-moly-are-you-serious? H.
    I loved my body when I was pregnant. I did NOT love that I made it to 36 weeks until I got a stretch mark…I cried so hard that day!

  19. you look fabulous!! and no, i'm def. not the curvy type – i'm normally right with you in the barely-fill-an-A cup. :( but hey, i'm close to the "lovely curves" stage of pregnancy too – i find it quite nice as well! by the way, i'm on the search for great maternity skinny jeans – looks like that's what you're wearing! where'd you find them???

  20. I was JUST thinking the same thing about myself this morning. I (mostly jokingly) informed my E-cup BFF that my pregnancy (I'm 12 weeks today!) boobs were SO HUGE that I had to go and buy a B-cup. Last pregnancy, I never outgrew my A's and I only wore a B-cup the entire time I was breasfeeding! I think it's easier to feel good about your physical appearance when your body is doing the most amazing thing it was designed to do!!

  21. Oh, I'm jealous of all of you curve-loving girls. I'm curvy and with my pregnancy, I had the overwhelming urge to shovel Sausage McMuffins in my mouth…every morning…for 12 weeks…with both hands. Sooo, needless to say, no one was celebrating my body by the 2nd trimester. ;)

  22. You look great! Curves are fun! I'm pregnant with my first and have gone from a D to DD (I'm 27 weeks). I didn't really notice the change until I, too, caught myself coming out of the shower. I called my husband in and asked if he noticed how big my boobs had become. His eyes opened wide, he smiled big and he gave me an emphatic, "Yea!"

  23. I've been pretty small my whole life. And yet… I would always beat myself internally because my mind thought I was fat.

    Then I became pregnant…and I fell in love with my body. Probably because it was this amazing vessel for an even more spectacular soul.

  24. You look great! I do love my body pregnant much more than when I'm not pregnant- at least for the 4th-8th month, it starts to get a little old after that :) You're lucky though, I just fill out my usually scarce A cups but I think the best thing is having a firm tummy for once, and not having to "suck in" all the time!

  25. You look great and congrats on the twins! I just hope mine don't get too obscene! I'm feeling pretty good preggers though. Normally I hate my stomach, but now I think it's pretty cool and my husband wants to rub it all the time.

  26. You look so cute! Where do you get your maternity clothes. I am not quite fitting into maternity clothes just yet. In fact I just went and bought some pants at DI and I am going to attempt to put in my own stretch panel. I am curvy, but when I get pregnant my boobs get huge! It makes me never want to have breast implants, EVER! My husband can't keep his eyes off them, which would be okay if I wasn't completely nauseous and feel like I could fall asleep at any minute. Exciting news about the baby being a girl! We have to wait another month to find out, so far we have 2 boys and 2 girls, so this one is going to tip the scales.

  27. I'm on my third pregnancy–32 weeks–and I feel awful. I look huge, the stretchmarks are out of control, and I tell you I have never been so unattractive. Ugh. And the boobs? Get them away. They're just in the way of everything.

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