Marqueyssac Gardens

Hello, Friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother’s Day. And I hope your kids spoiled you with drawings and handmade cards and coupons for free hugs.

Did I tell you we opted to celebrate on the French Mother’s Day (May 29th) instead of yesterday? We had a birthday Saturday and have another birthday today — squeezing Mother’s Day right in the middle felt like too much. So I’ll be eagerly awaiting my own coupon books in a few weeks. : )

Marqueyssac GardenMarqueyssac GardenMarqueyssac Garden

I thought I’d start off the posts this week with some photos from the Marqueyssac Gardens which we visited on our trip south to the Dordogne region of France. The gardens are vast and beautiful, but the views from the garden might be even better. They look like a fairytale. I couldn’t stop taking pictures!

And to make it even more unbelievable, these gardens are just a few minutes from where we went canoeing. That’s a whole lot of beauty for one little region.

Marqueyssac GardenMarqueyssac Garden

Our visit to the gardens was scheduled right during June’s nap, so she snuggled up on her Daddy’s shoulder.

Near the end of our visit, the clouds rolled in and there was a major rainstorm. The weather here changes so quickly that throughout the gardens, there are little stone structures created as a place to wait out storms. Convenient and charming.

Marqueyssac Garden

It really was a lovely trip. I kept using words like magical and amazing every time a new vista opened before me. The whole family felt super lucky we were there, and grateful to Stephanie and family for being tour guides and making sure we made the most of the area.

Marqueyssac Garden

16 thoughts on “Marqueyssac Gardens”

  1. ooo, this brings back memories, I love those gardens!
    every time you turn a corner there’s something new…
    and yay for June birthday present from HEMA, you discovered the coolest store of the Netherlands :)

  2. Lovely photos. And so fun to see another favorite (Mormon and creative mom) Blogger popping up in your photos. You must have had a lovely time!

  3. Maria Ortiz-Cintron

    Oh my! How beautiful! I love that you share the pics of your sight seeing in France, it makes me feel like I’m experiencing it as well. Love it.

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