Happy Birthday Benjamin Blair

Today is my husband’s birthday. He is 34.

One of the things I love best about Ben Blair is that he only wishes good things for everyone he knows. This seems like it would be a common attribute among most people, but strangely it’s not. In my experience, people often react to good news for their friends as if it’s bad news for themselves. As if a success for you equals failure for me. But not Ben Blair. He totally gets that there is enough happiness and good out there for everybody.

He’s so fun to share good news with because he’s so happy to hear it and so sure that you deserve every bit of happiness you’re receiving. If you were to win a major award, and you told Ben Blair, I swear he’d feel the same amount of happiness as if he’d won the prize himself. He would call friends and family to share the news: Hey! My friend (who you don’t know and may never have heard of) just won a major award! He would walk around all day or all week on cloud nine. He would genuinely be delighted for you and not feel even a smidgen of envy. He’d just be so glad your hard work was being recognized.

That’s just one of the many, many things I love about Ben Blair.

18 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Benjamin Blair”

  1. Ben rocks!One of Robin’s favorite memories of New York was standing in the kitchen and out of the blue Ben starts the “Chronicles of Narnia” rap from SNL and knows every word. It still makes her giggle.

  2. Happy Birthday to Ben – I didn’t specifically know this about Ben – the nice things you wrote about him. But I think my heart feels these nice things about him because I cry whenever I say goodbye to him.

  3. Happy Birthday Ben!!

    Once upon a time I knew Ben (pre Design Mom..I think) when we was the friend of my friends husband. He is very funny, extremely smart and has the most delightful laugh.

    You two really are a power couple.. and I love that at least a few of your kids have your curls and Ben’s ginger hair… georgous. I always wanted red headed kids…. I’ll just have to covet yours for now.

    Ask Ben about the Bean Society at BYU… classic

  4. Happy Birthday Ben!!! It is true what Gabby said about Ben. He is so cheerful and positive. And, he threw the most amazing surprise party for Gabby when she turned 30. Ben is definitely on my list of all around good guys!

  5. yeah liz and i agree that ben is pretty much #1 in funny people we know.

    the first time i met ben he was engaged to my sister – we were going waterskiing and he was putting sunscreen on, the “water-babies” brand – to put him on the spot he was asked what brand of sunscreen it was, so that he would have to say “water babies” out loud and appear less manly…without thinking he said “it’s Marlboro.” and I knew ben was alright.

    happy birthday ben.

  6. Happy Birthday Ben, I agree with Liz. And I remember when the dog took a chunk of your ear when we were playing kick-ball.

    Your “Workin’ Nine to Five” is a family favorite.

  7. I still remember the first time I met Ben–thee infamous Ben Blair, I thought, certainly couldn’t live up to Topher’s stories. But of course he did!

    Remember when Ben helped Chris compose/sing “Beans on Valentine’s Day” ? I do, and I’ll never, ever forget it as long as I live! I’m a little surprised you didn’t mention his singing in your tribute. . .

  8. My blog reading has been so spotty the past couple of weeks. I’m missing very important stuff out there!

    Happy Birthday Ben! Hope you had a great day!

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