Happy Birthday to Maude

Yesterday, Maude turned 8. She was only 2 — and the youngest — when we moved to New York and it is amazing to see her so grown-up and taking the role of second mom to her younger siblings.

Because events that occur early in the month tend to sneak up on me, I’ve scheduled Maude’s birthday party festivities to happen in a couple of weeks. So yesterday we just celebrated as a family.

Birthdays at our house start with breakfast in bed. Maude picked the menu: scrambled eggs, sausage, waffles, strawberries with whip cream and milk. In the evening, we had her favorite dinner and then put candles in strawberry shortcake and opened presents. Maude was delighted with her day — the highlight seemed to be the yoga mat she received. In fact, it is 6:15 am and she is upstairs now offering a kids yoga class to her brothers and sisters.

My husband’s favorite part was the strawberry shortcake. It was yummy. I used my friend Heidi’s idea: make a regular white cake mix, but add a cup of sour cream before your blend it up, then bake small individual cakes in pretty shapes. When the cakes are done, Heidi adds a thin milk/powdered sugar/vanilla/butter glaze. Each guest receives their own little cake and she serves berries and fresh whip cream on the side. The cakes were really pretty.

I’d been wanting to make these little cakes for awhile and finally picked up a cute pan at Target. It’s a pan with 6 cakes in 3 different flower patterns. I couldn’t find a picture or source of mine online, but there are lots of other cute mini-cake pans available.

11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Maude”

  1. Happy Birthday Maude!! I remember when you guys moved to New Jersey b/c I have just moved FROM there…

    I love those pans. I saw those Target ones and was very, very temped. I have been using some fancy mini bundt pans for years and can’t believe how much use I get out of them. Gabby, you are amazing w/ the birthdays. I need to get on it…..

  2. I forgot to tell you that Maude had great fun doing yoga at our place last time the girls came to play. I have cute pictures – I’ll e-mail them to you.

  3. Happy B-day Maude! She’s one of my favorite little gals.

    Glad to know the cake mix tip. I’ve had those yummy little cakes many times and have always wanted that recipe!

  4. happy Birthday Maude…8 yikes! have I really been away that long? afton was so excited to know maude turned 8 (it’s her favorite number).

  5. Last year I bought my toddler a pink yoga mat and a yoga kids ABC’s DVD. Best investment ever, she loves it and whenever I wanted to change her diaper, I’d tell her to go into plow pose and the feet would immediatly go up and over her head.
    Happy Birthday to your little one, and thanks for your blog!

  6. The individual cake pans are so cute. I have one from Williams Sonoma that has 2 different flowers. During the holidays, Williams Sonoma also carried a Railway Train cake pan that was absolutely adorable.

  7. Hi there,

    This is the first time I’ve left a comment on your blog Design Mom since finding out about it from one of my friends…who is friends with your sister in San Francisco. I LOVE your blog. I truly truly do. I’ve even referenced it on my blog :) You should be acquiring a few more readers here pretty quick.

    Anyway, I want to mention that I have a fab mini bundt cake pan from William Sonoma. It has six molds–quantity two of three different designs. It’s fantastic.

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