Easy Valentine’s Day Bookmarks for Classmates

Ralph and Maude wanted to make (instead of buy) Valentines for their classmates this year. They ended up making Valentine’s Day Bookmarks. We bought a stack of pre-cut bookmarks from the craft store. Punched holes and added ribbon. Then Ralph and Maude went at them with markers and colored pencils and cut paper. The “to” and “from” went on the back.

When Maude was getting distressed about 4 bookmarks in — because she was doing a lot of cut paper details and it was taking a long time for each bookmark — we pulled out the handy dandy Valentine stickers that Grandma sent last year and that have been waiting patiently in the Valentine box the whole time for their turn to shine. The stickers sped things up considerably. Though Maude was careful to set aside any bookmarks with “kiss” stickers to make sure they weren’t addressed to any male classmates.

Easiest Valentine’s Day Bookmarks ever! Both Ralph and Maude were delighted with the results. And so was I. As always, I’m a big fan of projects they can handle basically on their own.

P.S. — More classmate Valentine ideas.

10 thoughts on “Easy Valentine’s Day Bookmarks for Classmates”

  1. I don’t think I have ever purchased pre-made Valentine’s Day cards for my kids to hand out. So much thoughtful patience goes into making a homemade Valentine (or anything), and it makes the sentiment that much more special. My kids and I made Valentine Candy Bouquets (the link is on my sidebar if anyone wants to take a peek). Of course my daughter is just distraught because school was canceled (we are in Ithaca) and she doesn’t get to hand out her cards today . . .

    I really like the idea of bookmarks!

  2. I was surprised when my daughter Harriett came home from kindergarten today with no other homemade valentines in her bag. She was so excited to make her valentines that I assumed others would too. So much candy too, she actually got into the car and said Valentines Day is just like Halloween. Advertisers sure are doing their job well:)

  3. great idea, this year i plan on scanning and printing each child’s individual picture from my daughters kindergarten class picture and putting them on them, to add a personal touch :)

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