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Hello, Friends. How are you? How has your week been? Since the kids are out of school this week, we have been using our mornings to explore off-the-beaten-path Normandy — and doing a lot of baking. This weekend, maybe we’ll visit a couple of brocantes we haven’t been to before, maybe do some bike riding, and Olive will head back to Paris (sad face). How about you? Any plans?

I’ve got a great link list for you this week. Here are a few things I’ve wanted to share:

-‘Nobody came, nobody helped’: From San Francisco to New York, violent attacks against Asian Americans have left the community reeling.

-Lindsey Boylan wrote about sexual harassment from Andrew Cuomo.

-The growing evidence that the Covid-19 vaccines can reduce transmission. (This is good news!)

-“Not all Southerners believe the lies about climate change trotted out by Republican politicians enslaved to the fossil-fuel industry.”

Scheduling holidays.

-The Prices on Your Monopoly Board Hold a Dark Secret.

-A profile of Sylvia Federici, the socialist feminist theorist of housework.

-Grandma and Grandpa sent a microscope set for Christmas and the kids love it so much.

Here are some tweets I saved for you:

-I wish the Democrats would push through as much as possible while they have power.


-An interesting thread about the idea of a “pandemic tax” we’ve all been paying. Click to read the whole thing.

The country supports the Equality Act. Republican elected officials should not be fighting this.

-Have you seen coverage about this? This seems to have a typo — they’ve found the parent of 105 kids so far. Which is great news! I wish they would shout it from the rooftops so that hopefully it will go even faster for the rest.

Me too.

I found this to be true.


Double standards for women — especially women of color.


Over 500,000 lives gone.

-A perspective I hadn’t heard before.

-A thread on the different agencies covering immigration.


I hope you have such a good weekend! I’ll meet you back here on Monday. I miss you already.


4 thoughts on “A Few Things”

  1. Oh man, Gabby. You nailed the subtle art of these weekly round-ups. Ending with that rolling stone headline, added the perfect cherry on top. The right touch of levity to all kinds of important and beautiful items. I almost missed it, but was cry-laughing as I read it out loud. Keep up the great work!

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