Tall House Updates

Here’s the latest happenings at the Tall House. First up, a couple of weeks ago I shared floor plans. I also invited Q&A about the floorplans:

As a continuation of the floor plan discussion, I also gave an overview of the property and the buildings you can see from the back windows. I shared a property map too:

The pipes for the furnace/water heater were installed and they are GORGEOUS. And we’ve had more progress on the roof repair over at the Small House:

The Atelier progressed with plaster and paint:

Next up, the boiler was placed in front of the pretty pipes, and more progress on the roof repair:

Lastly, I gave an update on what’s happening with the tinted plaster in the Family Room:

That’s it for now. I know it’s a lot! I hope this helps you feel all caught up.

P.S. — More Tall House updates.

3 thoughts on “Tall House Updates”

  1. Gabby,
    You are so generous with your project, showing us all the details, giving us photos and videos, sharing the process, and answering our questions. What a gift!

  2. We are loving your Tall House updates! My husband and I read the entire post over a cup of tea this morning…you are living our dream. Would it make sense to remove the portion of the Small House roof that extends over the “alleyway” to your carriage house? Is the Small House dark? Removing that roof would bring light and air to the Small House. You could then install a tall gate between the Small House and your carriage house to maintain your privacy. Can’t wait to see you living in the Tall House…virtual housewarming??

  3. These tall house updates make my day, thank you! It’s also nice to see that there are setbacks and problems, and you adjust to these as needed. Can you tell us more about the small house and your plans for it?

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