What to Wear to Pre-school & Middle School

Olive & June 2014-1541

Photos and text by Gabrielle.

Here’s the next post in this school year’s What To Wear series, featuring 4 year old June and 13 year old Olive. It’s been an odd week — I intended to post this on Monday or Tuesday and here it is Friday and I’m just finding time. Hah!

Olive & June 2014-1530Olive & June 2014-1526

My afternoon is filled with meetings and phone calls, but I’m going to publish this now with just the photos, then I’ll come back in later today and add sources and other details.

Olive & June 2014-1511Olive & June 2014-1521

So be sure to check back in if you’re craving more info.

Olive & June 2014-1542


Olive & June 2014-1539Olive & June 2014-1540Olive & June 2014-1537Olive & June 2014-1543Olive & June 2014-1538Olive & June 2014-1536Olive & June 2014-1544


Olive & June 2014-1535


Olive & June 2014-1529Olive & June 2014-1532Olive & June 2014-1531Olive & June 2014-1528Olive & June 2014-1533Olive & June 2014-1534


Olive & June 2014-1525


Olive & June 2014-1523Olive & June 2014-1527Olive & June 2014-1524Olive & June 2014-1520Olive & June 2014-1517Olive & June 2014-1522Olive & June 2014-1518


Olive & June 2014-1516


Olive & June 2014-1515Olive & June 2014-1512Olive & June 2014-1514Olive & June 2014-1510Olive & June 2014-1509


Olive & June 2014-1507


Olive & June 2014-1508Olive & June 2014-1506 Olive & June 2014-1504Olive & June 2014-1503Olive & June 2014-1501Olive & June 2014-1505Olive & June 2014-1502

Have a favorite outfit? Do you have a preschooler or middle schooler at your house? What are they wearing these days?

P.S. — I’ll update the post with more details later today.

7 thoughts on “What to Wear to Pre-school & Middle School”

  1. I love it when you post about your children. They always seem so harmonious and sweet together. And I’m amazed that your youngest will pose. My wild 5 year-old won’t even let me plait or tie back her hair :-).
    Good luck with the busy schedule and hope you have a great weekend!

  2. I always enjoy these back to school posts. Believe it or not it gives me ideas and inspirations on how to dress my kids :) I’m currently looking for a coat for my teenage daughter. I know it’s not posted here, but your daughter Olive was wearing a green parka in a different photo (perhaps on instagram…I don’t remember). I was wondering if you could share where that was from. I’m finding we something a little warmer these days – that polar express is cold…bbrrrr :)

  3. Olive is so lovely! My 13-yr-old daughter has that same (or else very similar) star sweater. I think she’d like the outfits Olive has on here.

  4. How do you manage clothing volume? I have 4 daughters. Loads of hand me downs / what new this year/I don’t wear why my sister wears ewww …..so we have so many clothes! Right now I have a 6 tricks who can’t manage her room and I can’t fight anymore. So I’m packing up most of her clothes. All her “stuff” too. But the clothes. That’s our battle. Simplifying will help. But as I stare at her closest pared down to 1 play dress 1 church dress 3 pair pants 1 skirt 7 shirts 2 pjs 7 undies 4 socks… I can’t help but feel giddy. So much easier to deal with. What do the blair’s do to not get out of control?

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