Wellies Wisdom

Yesterday, I was dropping off my neighbor Tania’s two-year-old son after preschool and commented on his super-awesome wellies. 

Very wise Tania mentioned she bought them a size too big — not so he could wear them an extra year, but because then they were easier to put on and he could do it himself. And because he can do it himself, he likes putting on those boots. She doesn’t need to tie laces (she has a baby to hold) and he feels accomplished and is happy.

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  1. Wellie’s are so very English you know, and I was introduced to their necessity when living there and have continued the tradition. I love that kids can put them on themselves, and that you can hose ’em down and there aren’t any nooks and cranies (sp?) to hide dirt/mud. They also come in styles/colors that will work for both boys and girls, which is a bonus for a frugal mom like myself.

  2. zane keeps singing the laurie berkner song about boots. he even spells it! boots boots b-o-o-t-s!

    I need to get the cd for him and a pair of boots- so your post is good timing for me. love it!

  3. So happy to be mentioned on your blog!

    The boots came about 2 days after Emily started riding the bus to school – of tying the laces of his sneakers to walk 1 minute to the bus stop, then turning around for home and taking them off again. Since we are a strict “no shoe” house, I knew I needed a slip-on option. He LOVES to do it himself, and is just thrilled that he can also slosh through puddles in them.

    I have several sizes of those great boots (black, with a rust-orange tread.) They are inexpensive, were first Emily’s, and will later be Jane’s. Can’t say enough good things about them.

  4. Had never heard the BOOTS song before, but downloaded it today from iTunes. Jacob is in love. I pretty much had to set it to “repeat one” so he could listen to it for an hour. Thanks LIz – highly recommended.

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