Calling Cards

Yesterday, the older 3 kids went to school with a stack of keep-in-touch calling cards to hand out. The cards list twitter handles, blog urls, email, skype names — everything but a phone number. My favorite were the titles they picked out: Kids Film Expert, Ballerina, and Girl Extraordinaire.

20 thoughts on “Calling Cards”

  1. These are so wonderful! What a great idea–I’m sure your kids will be sorely missed. Did you just design these yourself and print at home on cardstock? I might just have to make some of these for my kids. Oh, and the official titles are marvelous!

  2. Thank you for all the kind comments! For those of you who are curious, yes, we designed and printed them ourselves. I printed 10 per letter size piece of cardstock and then trimmed them out with an exacto knife.

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