Central Park

The family pictures in Central Park turned out beautifully. Candice Stringham, the photographer, was incredible. Lots of patience. Great style. Flexible. A delight to work with. If you’re in New York — or anywhere near New York — book her right away. For reals.

I know preparing for a family portrait can be stressful. What will everyone wear? Will the kids behave? Will I look hot? : ) Leading up to our photo shoot, there were several times I was tempted to cancel — we’re just so busy right now. But I am beyond happy that I have these photos now. What a treasure for our family! Worth every bit of time and effort.

And I can’t even put into words how wonderful it was to spend an afternoon-with-perfect-weather in our beloved park before the big move. I’m going to get all weepy just thinking about it.

P.S. — Thanks for all the great feedback! Per your requests, here is a post about how the shoot and the wardrobe came together here.

153 thoughts on “Central Park”

  1. Love the pictures. The flowers on the girls outfit are so addorable. The outfits of all the family works well together, you could really see the thought that went into it. Now, I just got inspired to have five children :)

  2. Love the pictures! Did y’all take some of just the two of y’all? I also hope y’all did some with y’all and each kid individually. Goodness, now I want a big ol’ family! It gives a whole new meaning to family photos. It looks like a Cookie magazine spread.

  3. I can’t stand how cute it is – it looks like a catalog shoot. Adorable, just too gosh darn adorable for words! I did notice everyone has something red on except your husband – was that on purpose?

  4. Those are fantastic shots & the outfits are spot on. I love that you got as far away as possible from the standard "twin dressing" of family pictures (denim, khaki, white shirt – or some variation therein).

  5. Beautiful!

    Question for you – where did you get Olive’s sandals? I need something like that for my daughter. She can’t wear sandals that expose her toes as she’s not the most graceful of two year olds yet…and I don’t want her to spend the summer with bloody toes!

  6. Thank you, Lovelies, for the nice comments. I’m in the throes of boxing things up, but I’ll get a follow-up post up to respond to some of the recurring queries.

  7. WOW those are gorgeous. Looking at those makes me homesick for NY too. I hope you all love Colorado. I’m sure you’ll make the best of it.

  8. Gabrielle, those are AMAZING. Like, UHHHH-MAZING. How did you think to put all those outfits together? You look stunning and everybody looks so good together. I am now desperate for family photos half as great as yours.

  9. these are amazing! wow- i love the color, and you have such a lovely family! so sweet. definitely family pictures sure to be treasured!!! thank you for the smile and inspiration! all good cheer

  10. Oh these are beautiful and turned out perfect. Wonderful photographer, adorable subjects, and great location. Good luck with your new home and surroundings!

  11. the colors in all of the outfits really make these pictures over the top amazing! I had to wear denim matching shirts with my siblings during a photoshoot when i was younger, how tragic! :) your family is beautiful in these photos!

  12. What a great idea! I love the photographs of your lovely family. Your color pallet is fantastic, your kids are adorable & you look hot! Best of luck on your move.

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