Pimp My Ride — Family Edition

Remember I mentioned we wanted to sell the Eurovan? Well, we haven’t had the heart to do it — especially now that our awesome road trip reminded me that the VW is actually designed for awesome roadtrips. What in the world are we going to replace it with?

Plus, I think it’s a really good candidate for Pimp My Ride. In the last episode I watched, the Pimp My Ride team installed a snow maker on the car, three different TV screens in the dashboard, and also TV screens on the mudflaps. Awesome. For sure they can handle my requests.

This is what I want done to our Eurovan:

-Replace the 5 rear seats with a curved bench that seats 6 (we always need an extra seatbelt for a guest/playdate). The bench would start where the back, passenger-side bench starts, but then curve around until it meets the driver’s seat. This would be amazing. It would eliminate front row/back row arguments and there would be super easy access from the side door for me to climb in and buckle everyone quickly. We only have one sliding side door, and the bench would block a potential second side door, but I don’t mind. The bench would be so great.
-The curved bench also needs to convert to a bed when needed.
-The curved bench needs to be easily removed so we can have pure, unadulterated cargo space as needed.
-Each seat on the bench should have it’s own cubby/basket attached underneath, but not touching the floor to make for easier vacuuming. The cubbies should be easily removeable for cleaning out.
-In two or three seats on the bench there should be built-in carseats that are safe for 1-year-olds and up (like volvos) that can convert to regular seats. Imagine: no more installing car seats!
-In front of the curved bench there would be a table that stores flush with the floor and sets up with one hand — the kids could eat or play games or do homework here.
-All ashtrays and existing pockets for stuff should be eliminated so that there’s nowhere for apple cores to hide and no hard-to-reach places to clean. Streamline.
-There should be a Dustbuster port that charges as the van runs, so it’s ready anytime.
-I don’t want a fridge in the car, but there should be cupholders in the bench that have a cooling button.
-TV screens installed in the seatbacks of the 2 front seats.
-Some kind of media station that accomodates DVDs, iPods, cds, tapes, GPS — with no visible wires.
-wifi access.
-Surfaces should be easy to maintain. Leather on the seats, maybe rubber flooring.
-A built-in diaper wipes compartment near the bench that’s easy to restock.
-Armorall wipes compartment in the dash (Ben likes to Armorall the car when he’s at red lights.)
-A garbage compartment that fits standard size garbage liners. And has a place to store garbage liners.
-Auto lift gate.
-Auto side door.
-Auto windows in the rear.
-Car kit with first aid, tools, chains, cables, blanket, etc. that stores neatly out of the way.
-TV screens on the mudflaps.

What do you think? Is the Eurovan reality show material?

20 thoughts on “Pimp My Ride — Family Edition”

  1. awesome, maybe they’d give you a job on that show as a designer, can’t you just see gabby pimpin’? they might want to slam it down to the ground a bit and put hydraulics in it tough. i think you thought of everything, perfect.

  2. -There should be a Dustbuster port that charges as the van runs, so it’s ready anytime.

    Someone is going to steal this idea and then you will see it on the 2008 Dodge Caravan.

  3. husku
    absolutely! the bench idea is perfect…how about built in carseats that change into regualr seats nicely? TLC should do their own spin on this show for moms!

  4. Amy, if I had a nickel for every time Dodge uses one of my ideas. . .

    Lizzy, I agree. I think it could be a whole series on customizing family cars. Espisodes could feature all kinds of scenarios. For the first time parent. For the owner of a big dog. For the family that’s way into skiing. For the family lives by the beach. For the family of twins. And on and on and on.

  5. have you checked out the new Dodge Sprinter? It is made in Germany by Mercedes so it would take about 8 months for a custom van. It is quite a bit bigger than the VW but my husband just test drove one and said it seems less truck like than the chevy vans. I want one! But I want one with a PA system so I can communicate over all the noise. It would also be nice to have some sort of over head storage but l like the idea of underneath cubbies too.

    Maybe in the future we will have family vans that are fueled solely by that garbage and trash they accumulate.

  6. Marie-Celine Murawski

    sounds like a mom of 4’s dream here; I esp love the slide in underseat storage space which does not touch the floor so it can still be vacuumed. Hate to say it… but pure genius.

  7. LOVE your ideas. Where were you 20 years ago? Times have surely changed for the better! I’m a armorall wiper at stop lights also so now I know I’m not alone!

  8. Yes, I think it’s doable, but I also want some kind of invention that would automatically clean up the toddler crumbs from under and in the car seat, as well as automatically take off the carseat cover, wash it and put it back in the carseat the correct way.

  9. Hi. I just discovered your blog via Wise Craft.
    I love everything about it.
    This post has me cracking up and saying, YES!” at the same time.
    We just had our 4th and a car such as you describe would be fabulous.
    Can’t wait to read more.
    Love from,

  10. I have been following your blog on and off for years and just stumbled on this old post. Superb ideas! I am curious what you are driving now that you are a family of 8? I am pregnant with twins (which will bring us to 8 also) and we have been testing driving some options (there aren’t many :) Also if you know of any great twin blogs or websites I would sure love some recommendations! Thanks!

  11. I was just reading this several years past the original post date and Honda has put a built in vacuum in the 2014 Odyssey Touring! Prophetic? Me thinks so.

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