Things We’ve Said to Our Kids

Nathan Ripperger says things to his kids, and then turns his words into posters. They’re so spot-on they make me giggle! Have you ever said something to your kids and then realized how ridiculous it sounds? Please share! I love hearing stuff like that.

Thanks to Design Taxi for introducing me to Nathan’s work.

141 thoughts on “Things We’ve Said to Our Kids”

  1. This past November, shortly after Halloween, I did find myself saying, “Honey, let’s not eat candy that’s fallen into the toilet.” Not. Even. Kidding. (sigh)

  2. These are great! I caught how ridiculous I sounded last week when I told my son, “Play nicely with that sword. No stabbing or cutting anyone!” I was met with a confused stare until he replied, “what else can you do with a sword?”

    He had a point…

  3. SHUT UP! Nathan is a friend of mine from college! We were both media studies students. There are some hilarious videos floating out there in YouTube land from that time…one involving a pudding balloon.

    This just made my day to open up one of my favorite blogs and see an old friend highlighted.

    1. love! on the bacon note one of my son’s gems is when he was about 5 a woman walked by him wearing too much perfume. He asked his father why she smelled so much and my husband explained that women like to smell nice. His response “well then she should have rubbed bacon on herself, EVERYTHING is better with bacon”

  4. YES! The other day I witnessed a good one – “Don’t stab the neighbors!” hehe the boys (my son and hers) were “sword fighting” through the fence and I almost got impaled! The things you never think you’ll hear yourself say!

  5. oh my. i say lots of crazy stuff. for instance, after two year old flushes our potty, he likes to hang on it and yell, “YES!” i say, “don’t hang on the potty after you flush.”

  6. My all-time favorite which I uttered while having dinner on our back porch: “We do not throw tuna at spiders!”

  7. Here’s two:
    “When Mom says, ‘no,’ she means ‘NO!'”
    “You will go and you WILL have fun.”
    Can we really force a child to have fun??????

  8. I love this!!!

    In the dressing room at TJ Maxx….

    Little Dude with his resonating voice: WOW! Mommy, you have a really jiggly bum!

    Me: Shhhh… buddy…. Not so loud!


    1. Apparently I was a little preoccupied/ distracted when I wrote this earlier today because I wrote what my son said… not what I’ve said to my son… and there is no way I can let it go without redeeming myself so, let me try this again haha!

      “For the third time son, the ball in your private part is NOT a toy, and NO we can’t cut it out with screw driver! I’m sorry, it’s just the way it is sometimes!”

      Phew. I think I nailed it this time… ☺

  9. This is so funny! It makes me think of what my husband said to our 2 year old the other night: “You can have more salad when you eat your chicken nuggets.”

  10. is that poop or chocolate on your pants? (i was worried about the answer since there was a little of that on my hand as well!) :)

  11. Ha! I just had one of these moments the other day….

    “I’m going to take your arm off if you hit your sister one more time!”

    We were in the grocery store. I’m not sure who saw/heard.

    My daughter has a prosthetic arm. Fo’ reals, those things are weapons when used improperly.

    1. This is soooo classic! I can’t stop picturing the face of the person in the next isle when you come around the corner!! Haha

  12. These are hilarious as are the comments! Oh my gosh you could make a bunch of prints from this stuff. :) I know we’ve had a bunch of quotes at our house but I’m laughing too hard to remember. Haha!

  13. I just laughed until I cried! Sarah – love the cowboy hat & boa at church. I’m a behavior therapist so I’m not sure if these count since they are not technically my children but here are some of my favorites.

    “We do puzzles with our fingers, not our elbows, first take your fingers out of your nose then do the puzzle.”

    “Stop licking the mirror.”

    “No Sweetie, tap dancing and eating chicken noodle soup do not go together.”

  14. Bahahahahaha these are hilarious, I am now going to write down the hilarious things I say so I can remember them. Thank you!!!

  15. That first one, with the underwear, is a daily occurrence around here. Along with lots of other not-wearing-underwear things. But my favorite is “You have to finish your french fries and soda before you can have ice cream.”

  16. dying over the post and all the comments. i have to say, motherhood is the best. what other adult job allows you to say such silly things. wish i could think of a good one to add! xo . rae

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