The Perfect Gift: LOVE Valentine Gift Bag

By Amy Christie

Let’s welcome February with a sweet little project — complete with free download!

Handmade Valentines are the best. Handmade Valentines that include a bag of sweets, the best ever. This little treat bag is just as simple to put together as the house gift box from last month and absolutely perfect for all your Valentines.

With the free printable, scissors and double-sided tape (and a few sweets), your Valentines will feel the love for sure.


-LOVE bag printable in black or red.
-cutting blade
-scoring tool
-double-sided tape
-cutting mat

Cut out the perimeter of the bag.

Use the cutting blade to cut out the handles and the white spaces in the letters.

With the scoring tool and ruler, score the bag on all the dotted lines.

Fold on the scored lines.

Use double-sided tape to connect the side flap with the other end of the bag.

Fold the bottom in and secure with piece of tape.

Stuff with treats and give to all!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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