Six Books for Valentine’s Day

6 Books for Valentine's Day   |   Design Mom

By Gabrielle.

One of my favorite things to give on Valentine’s Day is books. You can find dozens of sweet and beautiful choices under $15 (often under $10!). A book is a treasure, but doesn’t feel extravagant, which I think is perfect — I don’t like to go over-the-top on Valentine’s Day.

These picks would be especially sweet for February 14th. Order one today and it will arrive in time — or stop by your nearest local shop.

1) You Know What I Love
We have a copy of this and June has requested it every night since it arrived. She knows it so well now that she “reads” it to us! About a doll and her girl.

2) Monday Hearts for Madalene.
Every Monday, Madalene would wake to find a heart created just for her. The sweetest token of true love.

3) Love Letters
200 letters from over the centuries. Some historical and some fictional. Who doesn’t enjoy a good love letter? For years, Ben Blair and I exchanged a hand-written love letter on Valentine’s Day, but at some point we stopped. Will this be the year we start it up again? I hope so. (Which reminds me, did any of you see the movie Her?)

4) Counting Kisses
Get this one as a board book for your toddler or baby, then read it at bedtime. “How many kisses does a tired baby need?”

5) Hearts
An offering from Toon Books, this is a good pick for a girl or a boy — and this is what Betty will be receiving this year. What happens when Penelope the Fox drops her heart into the sea? A beautiful adventure.

6) I Like You
I know. I know. I recommend this every year. But it’s still so good! I’m quite sure everyone should own a copy. A sweet gift for a teenage crush. A sweet gift for a favorite teacher. A sweet gift for a husband or wife. A sweet gift from a parent to a child. A sweet gift for a dear friend. It’s perfect every time.

Will you be giving any books for Valentine’s Day? Feel free to share your picks in the comments.

P.S. — Ten more Valentine’s Day book picks.

26 thoughts on “Six Books for Valentine’s Day”

  1. My husband and I exchange cards on V-Day and even though I do think it’s a silly holiday I always laugh at his best effort at being romantic and writing something sweet. He tries so hard!
    We saw the movie Her and I was so sad at the end! Am I the only one? Are we to think the ending is happy? I’m not sure, but I ended up feeling like Joaquin Phoenix was such a lonely man. Did you see it?

  2. Oh yes, and I also love Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch by Eileen Spinelli — a wonderful story of a lonely man who becomes much beloved after an accidental valentine delivery — so sweet!

  3. My parents used to buy my sister and I stuffed animals for valentine’s day and it always meant so much to me that they tried to make the day special for us.

    Quite honestly, there’s no room for extra stuffed animals in our NYC apartment for my poor daughter, but I always love the idea of celebrating with books. FINALLY bought her a copy of “I Like You” and I know she’ll be so excited.

  4. Thank you so much for the book recommendations. I just ordered 3 of them and 2 copies of “I Like You”. :)

    And another thank you for sharing the Valentine’s card project with the lollipop! ADORABLE. Making them today!!

    And another thank you for the post about spectatoring. I wasn’t aware of the terminology and never did this until my last breastfed baby. I’m small chested (A) and it has never bothered me until post babies – major shift in skin texture and I started realizing it was really bothering me about four months ago. But after reading your post and the comments, especially from one of the readers, I am 100% cured! ;) So, thank you to everyone who added to that healthy intimate chat too.

    Have a wonderful week!

    1. I love your comment so much, Christina! I feel the same — I was so grateful for all the wise words and advice and stories on the spectatoring post. It’s a treasure.

      And yes to the lollipop valentines. They are a hit every time!

  5. Great book recommendations! One book that pops into my mind around Valentine’s Day is My Heart Is Like A Zoo by Michael Hall. Pretty adorable. Also, it could be inspiration for a Valentine heart collage craft.

    Also, did you know that Feb. 14th is International Book Giving Day! So, how’s that for perfect?

  6. Christie @ ScoutandRice

    Oh! ‘I like you’ is my favourite book. I bought it for my three year old once when I came across it in Anthropologie, and she often asks me to read it (she calls it ‘I love you’). I always get teary towards the end, where it says ‘I would go on choosing you and you would go on choosing me’. Gets me every time.

  7. I Like You is on my Valentine’s list as well. Just a perfect book. I also like Little Treasures: Endearments from Around the World. So many sweet nothings from so many cultures!

  8. I adore “I Like You.” I can’t remember where or when I got my copy, but it was long before I was married. I gave it to my son last year when he turned 5 years old. He keeps it on his bedside table and we read it from time to time – it always makes us happy. :)

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