Tall House Updates: Attic Details & Attic Staircase

Getting closer and closer to moving in to the Tall House. The biggest recent project was repairing, prepping and painting the attic stairwell — the wall is two stories high, and curved, and on a staircase — so trying to figure out the ladder situation in order to reach every spot was tricky!

The house has also been busy with tradespeople. Gijsbert finished details in the attic, like wood trim and boxing in some pipes. Grant painted the parents bedroom. Jordan installed lights in the attic. Antoine put wood trim in Flora June’s room, and also worked on boxing in some pipework. And the hood was installed in the kitchen. We bought more bricks, painted Betty’s shelves, and I came up with something I’m calling “metal bandaids” for some holes in the wood floor.

Painting Betty’s shelves and the hood being installed:

Lots of attic details, including metal bandaids, and the parents bedroom being painted:

Taking the kids to get more bricks (to be used on the dining room floor), and the first phase of the attic stairwell — including the super cool ladder system we rented:

Antoine working on wood trim and boxing in pipes, taking up the old flooring in our bedroom, lots of sanding, a box Gijsbert built in the attic, and the attic lights being installed!:

The attic stairwell being primed and painted, and the kids cleaning the stairs afterwards:

Next up: The plumbing team is still finishing a few things and fixing a few problems, Jordan is installing light fixtures and final switches and outlets in the painted rooms (and installing temporary switches and outlets in the unfinished rooms), Grant is tackling the Living Room walls and ceiling, and our family is painting the landings and the other staircases.

I hope you enjoy the report!

P.S. — More Tall House updates.

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  1. I really like your metal band-aids! I think you will be moving in very very soon! How exciting! Great team work…

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