Short Hair, Don’t Care

By Gabrielle. Photo of Kate Winslet by Alexi Lubomirksi for Harper’s Bazaar UK.

I’m kind of embarrassed to tell you how taken I am with my long hair these days. It has finally grown! (Remember my post-June hair fallout drama?) I take my vitamins, twirl it when I’m on the phone, find myself braiding small strands while brainstorming, and am trying to master that super cool pencil-bun trick. You know the one: “Oh, this? No big deal. Just a pencil and my awesome long hair.” Ha!

But then I went to Alt Summit last week in New York. And, oh my my. The girls with short hair made me forget how much I love my finally-not-falling-out locks. I don’t know what it is about short styles. They make faces look fresher. Outfits look crisp. Cheeks glow. Smiles shine from across the room.

I don’t think I’ll be cutting my hair anytime soon. But I’ll be temped! How about you? Are the warmer temps luring you to the hair salon? Have you been pinning any inspiring hairstyles? Or are you one of those cute things already rocking the faux hawk?

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  1. That’s funny, recently I cut off about 7 inches of one of my best assets but I was so bored. I had little time or aptitude to do cute things to it. I had been Pinning short cuts for several months. I started with a short bob but may work my way into asymetrical short side and long side and maybe keep going. I am loving it.
    Blogged about it called Hair Loss or Found.

      1. I went from hair down to the middle of my back to an asymmetrical cut in the winter. I miss my long hair. I like the funkiness of my current cut, but there’s just something so sexy about long hair. I’m now debating whether to grow it out again. I even googled extensions so I could have the best of both worlds!

      2. I am so intrigued by Grace Bonney’s new haircut – I keep going over the photos on her blog. Does it look stunning in person? This post reminds
        Me of the season final of Mindy Project where she cuts of all her hair and then begs her boyfriend to take her back – “because who will have me now” and the instant classic line of the episode “it was a boy the whole time “.

  2. It’s so funny you are talking about this – I’ve been trying to stop myself from cutting all my hair off, especially since it took me years to get over the Helmet Hair Hump. I had to do 2 keratin treatments to get over that hump, and I have it where I wanted it for so long…and yet I want to cut it all off.

    I had it super short for years, and while I always liked it when I looked in a mirror, there were only 2 or 3 pictures where I thought it looked good. And this is over a good 5-6 year time period!

    Maybe it’s the summer heat that is making me want to get rid of it. Thick, curly hair is like a blanket in the humidity.

  3. i’ve had short hair for ever……well, 13 years with a little bit of a grow out for my wedding mixed in there. :) love short hair… totally makes my face, and i love coloring it, and funking it up!!

    1. I hear you. Don’t laugh, but Ben Blair used to cut my hair when it was pixie length. (Which was so convenient!) There just something about really short hair that makes it easier to experiment. I suppose because and experimenting will grow out in just a month or two.

  4. For years I had a cute pixie cut and I LOVED it! It made me feel put together and chic all the time! However, I grew my hair out around the same time we moved and have been disappointed to discover that anyone who sees a picture with my old haircut almost immediately says how much older I look with short hair! I always thought I’d cut it again some day but I don’t want to look older!

  5. I have an appointment to cut my hair today! I can’t stand the long, thick wavy hair anymore. It’s unruly and hot and always a mess and I’m going through a ton of conditioner ;) Today I’m cutting it all off (abt. 9 inches) – I think a nice wavy bob will do the trick for summer.

  6. I have been trying to talk myself into getting my hair cut short for years now. Any time I see someone with a chic cut, I get major hair envy. My hair Pinterest board is filled with short cuts that I would love to attempt. I think it comes down to confidence. That, and the right facial features to pull it off. Neither of which I feel I have. One of these days, I’m not going to care about any of that & just pull the trigger. I hope that day is soon!

  7. I’ve usually worn my hair long, since it’s super straight and I’m a low-maintenance hair kind of girl — I find short cuts require more attention to look great. But years ago, I went through a big transition and was going to appear on TV and decided to go nuts and cut all my waist-length hair to a pixie cut just to shock everyone. (Yes, I gasped and almost had a heart-attack at that first snip!!)

    I loved doing something so daring, but in the end, I didn’t like it on me. I’m petite and it made me look… I don’t know… like a bean head or something. My hair is long again now, part way down my back, and I’ll keep it that way for a while — so easy. But I’d be tempted to get a short bob one of these days. I always like that cut and it works on me.

  8. I had really long hair decades. I decided to donate it, and my stylist warned me that the hair I would be left with would be pretty short…(I think she knew how drastic a cut this would be for me, and she wanted me to be emotionally prepared, bless her heart). I said simply, “Let’s do this.” and Snip. All that time to grow it out and a mere 10 seconds to chop it off. She fashioned it into the cutest little bob. It was like the heavens opened. Never had my hairstyle felt so…me. I was unnerved by the number of compliments I received from it. There is something about when you find that hairstyle that both feels and looks like You that can jolt your confidence up. Though, I will say-I do miss the nesty, bohemian softness I could create with my long braids/messy bun. Ah well. I’ll leave that to lovelies like you. :)

  9. I’ve cut off 15 inches since January. I seriously had mermaid hair (but not in a good way) and 30 minutes before Alt Summit I cut it all off. I love it! I honestly feel like a brand new person after I cut my hair. I always wonder why I don’t do it more often after I do do it. And honestly, I only want to go shorter though it’s a little tricky with straight hair + pregnancy to look cute in super short hair. haha. If I had some natural curl, I would wear Keri Russel hair and be dam* happy. That’s perfect to me.

    on the flip side, what can we say except long hair is gorgeous? It looks easy, sexy, and always so feminine and boho. I love it, too.

    I’m torn! I’m always a wreck when it comes to my hair. I need to pay someone to sit down with me and tell what looks good for once and for all. Color, cut, layers, styling. I want someone to lay down the law for me. :)

    1. “on the flip side, what can we say except long hair is gorgeous”

      I know what you mean. And long hair offers lots of options too. Braids and updos and blowouts and on and on…

  10. This struck a chord. If I had the jaw I would chop it off…oh, and if I didn’t have wave+frizz and look like a mushroom when my hair was short. I love short hair. I also love long hair.

  11. Oh I’m so jealous of the girls who can pull off a short cut! I actually have great hair for it (naturally stick-straight, shiny and frizz-free) but sadly not the build. I have a long neck, small head and wide shoulders (and hips). Somehow it just doesn’t work.

  12. I’ve had a pixie cut for several years and I totally LOVE it. I feel so ‘me’ with this cut. (That said, if I felt my hair looked better long, I’d rock that style too!)

  13. Oh my. How I LOVE short hair. My sis in law and I are growing out our hair for Locks of Love, so I probably will not be getting a haircut until 2015 or so. And when I finally can, long hair will be all the rage again ;)

  14. I’ve started wearing my (very curly) hair pretty short lately. I started growing out the color–letting the grey come in, and I had to cut it to make this happen faster, and less obviously. I’m one haircut away from being done, but its finally at a good length and I hate to cut it….even though I’d really like to be completely done with my colored hair.
    I can’t wait to see it without any of the ‘artificial’ stuff, and at the same time, I want to hang onto it so it can get a little longer before the final ‘chop’

  15. Nope, not tempted. I’m keeping my hair long(ish) for as long as I can get away with it!

    (Although I do look back fondly at my Meg Ryan-inspired choppy hair from when the kids were babies. So easy to take care of and much harder for little hands to grab!)

  16. I have very thick, very curly hair. It’s massive. I wore it quite short for the last 3 years, after finding a cut & great “Deva” stylist and go so many compliments. But then I started to miss my Big Hair, missed having it fall in my face, missed the corkscrews, putting it up, etc. I’m over 40 and it took forEVER (actually about 10 months) to grow it back to shoulder length. Now it’s past my shoulders by almost 2″, but because of the curl, it still sits at just about my shoulders when its dry.
    So after all that….I have my Big Hair back. I forgot how BIG it is. Like ’80s hair, but without any effort on my part. It’s hot, it’s thick, it’s quite massive, and I’m kinda missing my short ‘do, when I had an actual style. Now it just sits on my head…like a rug.

    I’ll probably go short again, but it took so long to get here (plus my husband thinks my hair is sexy) that I’ll probably keep it around until at least the rest of this year.

  17. Oh dear, the one time I cut my hair, I ended up with a crew cut and spent a year and a half growing it out! To this day, I watch the hairdresser like a hawk to make sure she doesn’t snip off more than she should. So I guess I’ll have to admire short hair from a distance! :)

  18. Hey Gabrielle! such a fan. I have curly hair and had let it go long for several years – But I always wore it up! Desiring a CHANGE, I had about 8″ cut off back in Jan. It was a great feeling – I happened to find a woman who cuts my hair ‘dry’ a topiary! :) I just went back again today. I must admit, I miss pulling it up sometimes..but it’s so fast to style. You’re a beauty, Gabrielle – any way you wear it. :) (by the way, I’m “jammietart” on IG – there’s a couple of photos of the before & after hair there) xx

  19. Love that photo! And funny, because I had a shaved head for 2 years and numerous short hairstyles for longer, and recently I’ve been craving that no-nonsense look again! Of course, my hair is at its longest so I’m torn- keep going with the long-hair look, or chop off a bunch and go back to what I know, what’s easy?
    I will say that having no hair at all was freeing in a lot of ways- there’s never any need to look in the mirror, since it’s always the same! There’s no style to worry about, no products, no figuring out what to do with your hair every day, on really hot days, etc. I miss all that, and I miss how un-self-conscious I felt . Somehow, I was more confident with a shaved head, in all my gender bending glory, than I am now, with long hair and a more feminine look.
    On the other hand, more feminine look does mean getting treated…more positively. People often made judgments (that they told me about later) when they initially met the me with a buzzed head, and I would get unpleasant looks on the street sometimes.
    Hair is such a funny thing! Love that you started another great conversation, Gabrielle :)

  20. mrs. dana gault

    Story of my life! Finally grew my hair out. Color is my 1976 HS perfection. And EVERY time I see a woman rocking a short ‘do I want to chop it all off. Thank goodness hubby loves my locks, or I would totally go for my late 40’s pixie. The only thing keeping me going is that next month’s Bumble and Bumble appointment includes a French braid–which never fails to melt my hubby’s heart in the most charming manner! And really, isn’t that what it’s all about?

  21. Great topic! I’d love to see some of the short hairstyles you were ogling at the Alt conference! It seems with a lot of the blogs I follow – indie, home decor and mom blogs- that the women are sporting some super long luxurious locks. I don’t see a lot of short hairstyles but would love to see more (but I have seen Design Sponge Grace’s hair and it DOES looka super chic!)

    I’m loving all the ladies comments above who said they loved all the short hair styles. I try not to generalize, but I am about to now- I do think that that in general many men seem to still have some kind of stereotypical love of long hair on women – while women can appreciate the short, stylish look on other women. In other words, I’ve met few men who exclaim over short hair. I recently read an interview with actress Michelle Williams where she talks about loving her short haircut so much but, she says, “this is NOT a haircut for men.” But she liked that – that she was choosing for herself. That resonated.

    Anyways just a comment- it’s not about what men or other women like, of course- it’s about being yourself and being comfortable. But I do think there is some gender stuff all wrapped up in our choices, likes and dislikes, too.

    1. mrs. dana gault

      I should clarify that my husband absolutely LOVED the super-short hair I had for years…as short as Michelle Williams, but I spiked it up a bit. But 25 years, when we fell in love, I had a lovely French braid, and it made him giddy LOL. I never thought I’d sport one again, so I’m really excited to have that romantic option.
      If instead, I came home buzzed down to an inch, he would love it! I once had a very attractive man approach me in the produce dept –of all places –and remark that he loved my short hair because it takes a very confident woman to wear her hair that way…which leads me to conclude it’s very confident men who appreciate a woman who wears her confidence on the outside. THAT is my definition of sexy *wink*.

  22. I have thick, silky, long, dark hair that curls into ringlets and waves….it is awesome. Naturally. I don’t do a thing to it and it looks sexy and fun and charming. That is a freaking accident of genetics and a gift from God. I am terrible at personal grooming…oh my, my nails, y’all. So high maintenance hair would give me the sads. I tend to be curvy and plump in a way that makes me self-conscious, I laugh too loud and talk too much, but I feel cute and sexy with my long hair. Take it from me over my cold, dead body. Too dramatic??? Nah….

  23. I have so much hair. I can put it up three ways with a pencil and wear it all day. Even though it is hot, hot, hot here in the Arizona desert, I would never cut it off.

    Keep practicing with that pencil.

  24. I have longgggg, what my family calls “college girl” hair right now and have no desire to cut it. Although I would love to come up with some more styles for it someday!

  25. Gabrielle, your hair looked gorgeous at the conference. I loved the straight, sleek look. I know that can be difficult to maintain, but it sure was pretty.
    I do the short hair/long hair flip flop. Right now my hair is just.about.there. on length, but the urge to cut it is great.

  26. I think the trick is finding the cut/style that makes you feel like the best version of you. And when you do, there’s nothing better! I’m back to a pixie cut and it feels fantastic. I think it suits me. I’ll admit, though, it does take a certain kind of guy to appreciate short hair. . .

  27. Your hair looks great long and short! I clicked the link about your hair fallout drama… Did u take the supplements or did you wait it out? My baby is 9months and my hair is thinning more than my spouse. If you did take them did they work? Thank you.

  28. When I was a junior in college (a long time ago), I got a really bad haircut which prompted me to chop everything off into a really, really short pixie cut. When I looked in the mirror for the first time with my “new hair,” I remember thinking, “Oh there I am!” It felt utterly and perfectly me. All these years later, it still is exactly who I am!

  29. I’m completely restless when it comes to my hair. I cut it all into something like a pixie every few years and love it for a while and wonder why I ever grow it long, but then inevitably I see someone with gorgeous long hair and wish that I too could pull off a messy bun, so I start growing and waiting and usually get to a little below shoulder length before I get restless and chop it off again.
    I always feel more pulled together with my short hair but there are also strangely some clothing styles that never seem to work for me with my short hair. I’ve never figured out quite why.

  30. I have wanted short hair for SO very long. Seeing all the gorgeous ladies at AltNYC with their short locks did nothing to stop the longing. Oh, my. All of them. I wanted to transplant their locks on my head. I struggle with what I consider a huge head and also, my hair is naturally curly and short hair during humid New England summers becomes large and unruly. And I’m petrified to cut it and hate it. Because the growing out process is so painful!

    But those ladies…and their hair…

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