Everything You Could Want for Summertime Fun

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This post is sponsored by Kiwi Crate — a fresh, fun learning experience every month!


Everyone is talking about Kiwi Crates! I’ve seen the company mentioned in Parents magazine, in Martha Stewart and even on Goop. Have you heard about them, too? Once a month, they send a package to your home filled with everything you need for simple + educational crafts your kids will love. You can order a multi-month subscription, or you can order individual crates. And all those art supplies that come in the boxes? You can order them individually as well! Which is perfect for when your child really loves a certain material, but you don’t want to reorder an entire crate.

The crate themes are cute and creative. Some are art-based, some are science-based, some are history-based, but all are very useable and realistically doable. Kiwi Crate is also offering a Summer Discovery Series specifically for the warm weather months — crates with themes like nature, water, and flight.

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When I’m ready to stock my summer fun cupboard (my kids still have another week of school!), this is what will be on my shopping list:

– natural eco-dough

– beeswax crayons

– farmer’s market crate

– no-spill paint cups

– colorful yarn to use with a pom-pom winder

– rubber grip brushes

– busy with bugs crate

And after I’ve ordered up my supplies, I’ll head straight to the extensive DIY section to find tons of ideas on how to put those supplies to use.

Wouldn’t a subscription to Kiwi Crates be so fun for the summer? I’m sure my kids would LOVE getting their very own package in the mail. And I’ll bet yours would too!

Tell me: Are you an artsy craftsy family? Will your kids be craving projects this summer?

4 thoughts on “Everything You Could Want for Summertime Fun”

  1. This is such a great article! I fell in love with beeswax crayons last year and I’m excited to try out the other things. From one summer-lovin mama to another, Thank you!

  2. We LOVE Kiwi Crate. We are on month 4 of our subscription. I am so thankful for whomever came up with this idea. I am a working mom and really appreciate someone putting the crafts, instructions, etc. together for me. Now, I can actually do crafts with my kiddos :)

    1. I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews! I think it would be fun to have some crates sent to our grandparents’ houses so they’re all stocked up when grandkids visit.

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