Swedish Hasbeens and Other Shoes That Keep Me Up at Night

Red Swedish Hasbeens
Red Swedish Hasbeens

By Koseli. Image via Magnifeco

I ebb and flow in my personal interest in, well, what I wear, and fashion in general. Some days, I think I could wear boyfriend jeans and a comfy tee shirt every day; other days I’m dying to pull pieces together in unique ways. It gives me a tiny thrill to harmonize seemingly conflicting prints and patterns and emphasize (and soften) in all the perfect spots in all the perfect colors. It’s a dance — but sometimes I’d prefer to be a wallflower in my trusty favorite jeans and so-so shirt. 
But, shoes. I always love shoes. Oh, how I love shoes! When I saw these beautiful Peep Toe Swedish Hasbeens in cheery cherry red, I literally gasped out loud. They’re my perfect shoe. However impractical for a pregnant Brooklyn mom pushing a stroller and chasing a toddler all day, these are my dream shoes. 
Mind if we share in some extra-girly shoe talk? What pair have you eyed and admired? What’s your signature style? Any favorite Pinterest boards all about your favorite shoes? (Guilty.) I wish I wore beautiful shoes every day, but I honestly slip on comfortable Target sandals or Converse sneakers most of the time. Are you the same way?
P.S. — According to this, French women buy at least six pairs of shoes a year. 

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  1. i’m a mom of 2 and also love the swedish hasbeens (i have them in the pink/blush color)…you’re right, not the most practical shoe. i have found myself reaching for my melissa x f21 shoes. comfy and i can run through puddles in them!

  2. I love these shoes! Last year, I fixed a hole in the bathroom wall myself, and thus justified the purchase of some Cole Haan Nike air ballet wedges. Sooooo comfy! I have them on right now!

    1. Thelma, Ha!

      Once upon a time my husband bought me perfect navy and white Cole Haan saddle shoes but alas, they were a little small and I had to return them. But I’ve heard the Nike air technology in the soles is amazing.

    1. Aww, I love this. There have been many blog posts that have prompted me to go directly out and purchase an item. And I’m never disappointed if I trusted the blogger and knew we had similar taste. I love finding new favorites like this.

  3. I love a good leather shoe, and not just because my family makes them (Aurora Shoe Co.)! There is truly nothing like full grain leather shoes – they actually form around the contours of your feet and create a custom fit which is just about as comfortable as it gets.

    I’ve always liked the look of the Hasbeens, but rarely find an excuse to wear heels. I wonder – do they make a sandal sans heel?

  4. We’ve been living In Spain, a country known for its shoes, and we return to the states in a few weeks and pretty much the only thing I’ve purchased here is oh you know, like 15 pairs of gorgeous handmade shoes. I have a fetish. And it’s a problem. I just posted about my favorite espadrille company last week:

    I’ve been dreaming about owning a pair of red Hasbeens but well, due to my splurge on Spanish shoes, my pockets are currently empty! Haha
    And you’re so right about pinterest!! My shoe board on pinterest receives a lot of attention these days.

  5. I’m all for Swedish Hasbeens, they’re beautiful and timeless. I could only afford the Swedish Hasbeens for H&M collection they did a couple of years ago but I’ve worn hat pair to death and they’re falling apart at an alarming rate. It’s time to start saving for my next pair, but which one? They’re all SO pretty!

  6. I fell in love with Keen sandals from the first moment I saw them. Bought a pair (my then boyfriend laughed at me for spending $95 on one pair of shoes because I buy a lot of shoes). I wore them basically year round except when it was snowing, with slacks, jeans or shorts (and admittedly probably a skirt every once in a while too) and the soles NEVER showed any wear. He became my fiancé, then my husband, then I had a baby and then another one, and I never stopped loving them.
    The bungee wore out once and I was crushed – until Keen replaced them for me for free.


    1. Thanks Fia! My mistake—I’m Gabrielle’s contributor and wrote this post. I’m also the pregnant one, not Gabrielle. Thanks so much for the link. Those are darling, too.

  7. Hi Koseli, contorts on your pregnancy! I think clogs are my best friends as a mom. I just sleep them in and go, and it’s the best thing ever when carrying a baby in a sling! My boy is 6 now, but I just splurged in some high heeled Swedish Hasbeen clogs in a perfect red brown color, wearing them as often as possible to “make” them. I can’t wait for them to be as comfy as my other pair of clogs, because they are widely more chic. It’s amazing how chic shoes can push an outfit from blah to amazing!

  8. I don’t agree on the allegedly 6 pairs of shoes a French woman buy. Judging by me and my friends, it’s more like 10 or 12. It rains a lot in France, which ruins shoes, we walk a lot, and summer doesn’t last long but we still buy sandals!!

    1. Oh interesting. Thanks for the note. Honestly, six pairs didn’t sound like all that many to me since so many women I know buy at least that many pairs. But shoes wear out SUPER quickly in NYC from all the walking and the cobblestone streets. My husband’s shoes…I need to catalog just how many fine leather shoes we’ve taken to the cobbler over the last five years. It’s pretty amazing to see the wear.

  9. I need these shoes! I used to own dozens and dozens of shoes, but when we lived in NY we didn’t have room for all of them, so I slowly let them all wear out and now I’m down to only a few pair! I NEED THESE! I’m totally checking out the stores where they are available when I’m in Seattle in August. Woohoo! I’m so glad you wrote about these! I’m definitely in love too!

    (Your posts are the BEST Kose!)

    1. Aren’t they cute, Lindsey? Yes, I used to have SO many shoes too but then we moved across the country and I got rid of 75% of everything I owned period. I own far fewer clothes now too. It’s amazing how much I had vs. I really needed (and actually wore!).

      Thanks for the compliments! Ditto. I’m always in awe of your posts.

  10. I have been looking at the low heel hasbeens for a trip to Boston (walking !). Recommended for that or no? I want some cute shoes, but also comfortable! Thanks!

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