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So this house we’re renting comes with a pretty fantastic yard. There are mature fruit trees — cherry, apple and peach. Two strawberry patches and a raspberry bramble. An herb garden. Lots of good cutting flowers. A large garden spot (large for suburbia anyway) which we’ve planted with tomatoes, peppers, summer squash, melons, pumpkins, salad greens and beans. Plus a good sized patio/deck with an awning.

We left our outdoor furniture behind in New York and have yet to replace it. In lieu of the traditional table and benches, I’d like to fill our patio with an assortment of rocking chairs instead. I’m thinking 7 mis-matched rockers in bright colors. I’ve set a budget limit of $50 per chair and now I’m hunting them down.

On Saturday I found a great turquoise rocker in metal for $75 that I hope to barter down this week. And a squatty, bright yellow one in front of a costume store. It wasn’t for sale, but if I show up with cash, maybe they’ll change their minds?

I’m willing to add a coat of paint to a non-descript rocker, or embellish with colorful cushions, but I do want to challenge myself to keep to the $50 per chair budget. If you’ve seen any rad rockers around, please let me know.

Also: if you live in the Denver metro area and know of a trustworthy upholsterer, I’d love a recommendation. Please. Pretty please?

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  1. Wow, I love that idea! I think the eclectic look of a bunch of brightly colored, mismatched chairs will be so charming! Please post pics as you find your chairs!

  2. Oh sorry friends! I need to be clear. That's not a photo of my current backyard — although I picked it out because it looks similar to my own.

    I promise to share photos as I make my rocking chair collection, but in the meantime, I just wanted to include a pretty picture with the post. : )

    The photo credit is at the bottom of the post.

  3. I hope you checked out Flossy MrGrews on Broadway. It's almost in Littleton–I think–and it's a thrift/costume store that's more clothing oriented but definitely worth a visit.

    Good luck with the rocking chair idea…don't settle. Find the ones you want. :)

  4. I'm heading to upstate new york in a couple weeks to have my wood worker custom build a table for me (the fabulous one in Downtown Chic, with the galvanized top!!) He is a sweetheart with fantastic prices, I'll ask him about his rockers, but they would have to be shipped and that would increase the price??? I'll look into it.

  5. We have used these guys and they do excellent beautiful work. We had an antique overstuffed chair, and not only did they reupholster it, they refinished the wood trim.
    I am in the process of looking for some fabric for our piano bench cushion, and will take it to them to recover. I need the fabric to match our newly painted grass green piano! :)
    This is the one closest to us in Littleton/Englewood:
    Brandt and Whitney Inc Upholstery Repair Furniture Refinishing …
    4885 S. Broadway, Englewood – (303) 788-0820

  6. I live in Denver and can recommend Cipriano. His prices are very reasonable and he finished the work when he said he would.

    Custom Upholstery by Cipriano
    4430 W 29th Ave
    Denver, CO 80212-3015
    (303) 458-1188

  7. i know it isn't denver metro but i live in loveland and there are killer vintage/antique stores right between loveland and fort collins on 287. may be worth the trip? i know lots of stores in boulder come up here to get their decor.

  8. If you're heading up to Loveland, it's worth it to go through Longmont and stop at Serendipity. Lovely little place…and a cup of joe at Java Stop across the street is lovely as well!

  9. It sounds like you want wooden rockers, but if you are going more ecclectic… last week I saw the coolest aluminum rocker (think airstream) at a junky antique shop that I check out every time I take my car to the mechanic.

    The shop is on Kipling, on the East side of the street, between about 15th and 19th street.
    (I'm a random person, I don't bother with exact addresses) But you'll see it – it's pretty small and there are always patio sets and filing cabinets out front.

  10. I love this idea….I will be watching for pictures once you have found all your rocking chair treasures. Can't wait to see the colours you choose!

  11. I have a FABULOUS upholsterer. He is in Franktown, which is in Douglas county. He has a shop in his home. I have used him for years, numerous times for client projects and he does wonderful work. Honest, reliable, dependable… you really can't go wrong.

    Marv Crespin
    Cornerstone Designs Upholstery
    2161 Kelty Rd, Franktown, CO 80116-9601
    Contact Phone: (303) 660-4331

  12. You may want to try to the furniture auction on Broadway. It happens every other Sunday and if you get there before they start you can check out the goods to see if it worth staying for the auction. When I lived in Denver a couple of years ago I got a few mirros and a leahter trunk for under $100.

  13. I have been working on this exact same project for a while now but inside the house for colors (I have four inside)and white for those on the deck. Craigs list has been my best source. Great minds think alike!

  14. I can't believe nobody has mentioned the ARC thrift stores yet. If you're patient you can get a really good deal there. Half off on Saturdays.

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