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Last night, we organized the book shelves in the living room by color — they’ve been so drab every time I walked by, I’m hoping this will be the fix. You like?

Other than that, it feels like a funny day. I wonder what’s up? We returned an air mattress at Target. Then bought a new lamp shade. And some light bulbs. I went grocery shopping. We made cinnamon rolls (the super easy Rhodes version).

Now all I want to do is watch movies until it’s time for bed.

Feel free to join me. Happy weekend!

55 thoughts on “Books by Color”

  1. Yes. It is good. Organizing things by color gives me great joy. And, there is something about setting up your bookshelves after you move in that makes you feel like "yes, this can be home".
    I know what you mean by this being a "funny day". It is a good thing we had some pancakes in the freezer, because that was dinner. And, a movie in my pj's tonight sounds just right.

  2. books organized by color is very nice to look at. hard to find the book you are looking for though when you have a LARGE library and can't remember what color the spine is of the book you want. But still…very lovely.

    Enjoy your relaxing weekend.

  3. Rainbow-ordered bookcase is the surest sign that a person (or family) doesn't actually read the books much—you can't possibly find what you need in a library of even moderate size. Looks striking, I'll grant you!

  4. Anonymous sounds a little big for her britches. Of course you read the books!!!
    And I'm sure you will always be able to find what you're looking for because you're an artist, and very visual.
    Are those bookcases solid wood? I love them.

  5. I love it! I'm not usually a fan of open bookshelves filled with books (I'm sensitive to visual clutter) but this turns the bookcase into a work of art. So cute.

  6. Very pretty, but I would be a basket case when I went searching for the next HP book and couldn't find it right away. Maybe in a few years, when the baby isn't a baby any longer and doesn't feel the need to pull all the books off the shelf, I'll give this a go.

  7. Bookstore-hubby always wanted to do this in one of his shops…forget genre and alphabetizing, a color organized store would be much more fun. Too bad corporate is such a stick in the mud. It looks great!

  8. I like it and think that it doesn't look hard at all to find what you want. I took an idea from Pottery Barn and turned all of my books spine side in so that it was very monochromatic, and I can still find the books I want easily! Go figure.


  9. "Anonymous said…
    Rainbow-ordered bookcase is the surest sign that a person (or family) doesn't actually read the books much—you can't possibly find what you need in a library of even moderate size."

    What a crock! People who truly read love their books and know them inside and out. I can easily find a favorite book from my random piles all over my house, or in my crazy bookshelves, so why would color coordination be any harder.

    I love the idea of bringing more style to every corner of the home.

  10. Love it! I did that on my son's bookshelf. There are two shelves and then a bottom cubby where all the animals go. The top shelf has the bigger kid books for later on, like Harry Potter and the like (stuff hubby and I have read but we're saving for him). The second shelf is full of all his kid books. Left to right in rainbow color order. It looks bright and happy! and it makes it easy for him to put them away.

  11. I love all the colors together. I have to have mine organized by subject and then in alphabetical order. My hubs thinks I'm odd. I'm okay with that though. Happy Weekend.

  12. we did this on our expedit bookshelf with both some of our books and some of our DVDs (in different boxes). To me it makes it look more organized and less cluttery (essential with that ikea expedit). and maybe i'm weird, but I can usually remember the color of the spines of my books so I don't worry about losing track of them as my library grows.

  13. I did this ages ago and loved it, it's a subtle way to make a different impact. My husband however couldn't stand that books were not arranged by type or author and eventually rebelled and rearranged. Sad.

  14. This is awesome. I had my books arranged by color at one point, but when I moved they somehow just made it back into alphabetical order… which also makes me smile. But really, this is so much fun to look at. Maybe it's time for me to arrange my books this way again.

  15. I've always wondered how to make the books grouped by color work, but I think that the way you have it, with each shelf having a color, looks great! Hope the cinnamon rolls were good!

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