Books by Color

Last night, we organized the book shelves in the living room by color — they’ve been so drab every time I walked by, I’m hoping this will be the fix. You like?

Other than that, it feels like a funny day. I wonder what’s up? We returned an air mattress at Target. Then bought a new lamp shade. And some light bulbs. I went grocery shopping. We made cinnamon rolls (the super easy Rhodes version).

Now all I want to do is watch movies until it’s time for bed.

Feel free to join me. Happy weekend!

55 thoughts on “Books by Color”

  1. I love this idea! you have inspired me to try this in our home. Our books were still in piles on our floor since we moved, but today I got to work color coordinating. Not only was it fun, but I am such a visual person I think I will remember where each book is b/c of its color!
    Love your bookshelves…where did you get them?

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  3. I know what you mean by this being a "funny day". It is a good thing we had some pancakes in the freezer, because that was dinner. And, a movie in my pj's tonight sounds just right.

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